The Complete Guide to Skid Steer Auger Bits

The Complete Guide to Skid Steer Auger Bits

Posted by Kyle Davis on 16th May 2018

Skid Steer Auger Bits

As auger demands have become more specific over the years, the industry has responded by offering a full suite of Skid Steer Auger Bits in a diverse variety of diameters, collar sizes and lengths, each manufactured and constructed for a specific drilling application. Standard earth drilling is the most common request, but Auger Bits are also capable of drilling into heavy rock, asphalt, compacted soil, as well as tree planting auger bits to streamline arbor operations.

Skid Steer Solutions, in collaboration with our trusted manufacturing partners, also offers a wide range of specialized Stump Planers, 3 Foot Auger Bits and attachments that can be seamlessly paired with an Auger Drive.

For Mini Skid Steers, there are several smaller diameter bits available that ensure flawless performance. Regardless of your industry, needs, machine or skill level, we guarantee that we have the perfect Auger Bit for you. Our comprehensive guide below covers everything you need, complete with photos and videos, to help you explore our wide array of specialized offerings.

Table of Contents

Continue reading for a full overview of the Skid Steer Auger Bits available on our website. For a more in-depth dive into specialized models, sizes, and applications, follow the table of contents and links below.

- 3 Foot Earth Auger Bits

- 4 Foot Earth Auger Bits

- 5 Foot Earth Auger Bits

- 6 Foot Earth Auger Bits

- Rock Auger Bits

- Tree Planting Auger Bits

- Auger Stump Planers


Eterra Skid Steer Auger Bits

Eterra is a premium manufacturer of a full catalog of attachments and tools, and their Skid Steer Auger Attachments and Auger Bits have played a major part in the company's growth. Before we discuss the features of the bits themselves, it's worth highlighting the major selling point of Eterra's highly regarded Auger Drives: The Flip Mount. Both Mini Skid Steers as well as full size Skid Steer Auger Attachments from Eterra can be selected with the ability to swing the auger 180 degrees, allowing for performance of concrete mixing.

This added functionality has been highly regarded in the industry since Eterra released it on the market. It can also be selected in Eterra's Auger Big Bundle, along with a full host of bits, to complete a comprehensive collection of auger tools.

As for Eterra's Earth Auger Bits, they come available one class, and that's Heavy Duty, there is no standard or light duty option available, as all Eterra Auger Bits are built ready for extreme ground conditions, up to an including hard-compacted soil and rocky terrain. For the drilling of asphalt, concrete or solid rocks, Eterra offers the option to outfit their bits with Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Teeth, as well as a Tungsten Carbide Fishtail, heightening the boring power of an already monstrous earth drilling system.

Eterra Auger Bits come in sizes 4"-36" in diameter, with 4"-24" the ideal options for mini loaders. Rated to 4500 ft. lbs., Eterra highlights that their Auger Bits have been designed with single flighting, they feel that too many double flighted bits boast about this feature without providing the actual benefits.

The single flighting of Eterra's bits provide the same heavy-duty Earth Drilling functionality, but also clear soil and material faster, avoiding inefficient clogging and time-wasting maintenance required of some double-flighted models. This also cuts down on inefficiencies by keeping the drilled hole clean and concise, without the need to carve out a larger area due to a jammed-up bit or too much material falling back into the working area.

In addition to these bits, Eterra also offers an Auger Stump Planer that combines with their 3500 and 4500 model Auger Drives. The Stump Planer comes available in 10" and 14" sizes, adding to your auger arsenal the ability to shave down and eliminate stumps that slow down your earth drilling operations. With 3 steel tool cutters and a rugged starter planer pilot, the Stump Planer digs into stumps, feed through cleanly, and avoids overloading and sticking.

Eterra Skid Steer Auger Bits and Accessories

- Eterra Heavy Duty Earth Auger Bits

- Eterra Auger Stump Planer

- Eterra Hex Auger Extensions

- Eterra Auger Adapters

Eterra Flip Mount

- Eterra Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Fishtail

- Eterra Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Tooth


CID Skid Steer Earth Auger Bits

CID is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable attachmentswith the goal of equippingsmall construction or agricultural operations with everything they need for optimal performance for years to come. CID Attachments proudly offers a large array of heavy-duty, daily-use auger bitsfitfor a variety of auger drives.One of the key features is their dual-flight design, which enhances performance for faster and smoother drilling.

The legacy of this company lives onwithin the strong powder coating covering every attachment they make, ensuring a guarantee of lasting durability. The quality of the materials used to make CID’s auger bits is the driving force behind their superior performance. CID Attachments usesheat-treated alloy steel, to make their auger bits and when it comes to drilling intoany type of soil, that type of carefully crafted strength is essential.

CID Attachments offers auger bits to accommodate consistently rough drilling in just about anysize. From 6 inches to 36 inches in diameter, and 36 inches to 48 inches in length, you will be able to outfit your full sized or mini skid steer with the bit you need.

CID Skid Steer Auger Bits and Accessories

Skid Steer Earth Auger Bits

Digga Skid Steer Auger Bits

In 1987 Diggabecame the forefatherof Pendulum drilling in Australia. Their frustration with constant inconsistencies in quality from imported gearbox components influenced their decision to investin gear cutting technology and today are known as the largest Australian manufacturer ofearthmoving equipment.

They subsequently created a beautiful suite of auger bits for any rock or earth drilling applicationunder the sun. The most practical of their collection being the RC4 Combination Rock Auger Bit, a functional hybrid of an earth and a rock bit combined into one. This clever design provides you with an auger bit you can use to bore deep into the earth and obliterate anything that gets in the way.

A4 Earth Auger Bits

DR6 Rock Auger Bit

RC4 Combination Auger Bit

5 Foot Earth Auger Bits

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Auger Bits

Relatively new to the Skid Steer Solutions marketplace, Blue Diamond Attachments is a force to be reckoned with in the Skid Steer, Mini Skid Steer and Compact Excavator marketplace.

Having established a reputation for excellent customer service, impeccable manufacturing techniques, and top-notch parts support for all products, this company located in Knoxville Tennessee produces American-Made equipment operators can be proud to own. With an extensive dealer network all across the nation, the number of satisfied Blue Diamond customers is growing by the day.

The Blue Diamond dedication to quality can be found in their line of Auger Bits. With a slightly more concise selection when compared to McMillen, Blue Diamond offers a handful of options, all at the standard length of 4 feet. All Blue Diamond bits come standard with rugged features to handle earth drilling of all types.

Hardened drive-in teeth and fishtail points are the default option, with carbide teeth typically available upon request. Heavy duty double flighting is a key feature of the Blue Diamond line, making these bits thick, heavy-duty, and ready for earth drilling, all the way up to hard clay, frozen soil, or even solid rock and concrete.

When it comes to the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Rock Bits. Many models come with a variety of collar sizes, investigate Blue Diamond and their line of Auger Drives and Auger Bits, and you'll soon be impressed with the strength and sturdiness of their product line. You can operate with confidence knowing this American company stands behind every product they sell 100%.

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Auger Bits and Accessories

- Blue Diamond Standard Duty Earth Auger Bits

- Blue Diamond Heavy Duty Auger Bits

- Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Rock Auger Bits

- Blue Diamond Tree Auger Bits

- Blue Diamond Fixed Length Auger Extension

- Blue Diamond Variable Length Auger Extension

- Blue Diamond Auger Adapters

McMillen Skid Steer Auger Bits

McMillen brings a serious punch to the Skid Steer Auger Bit marketplace. Backed by the powerhouse of Paladin Attachments, McMillen boasts years of research and development, as well as countless successful applications and complete projects. McMillen prioritizes craftsmanship in their design and construction, forgoing mass production to ensure proper quality and dependability in each bit they sell.

A stand-out model of the McMillen Auger Bit line is certainly their HDR Rock Ripper Auger Bits. These have long been a best-seller on Skid Steer Solutions, and it's not hard to understand why. Designed for the most extreme applications, McMillen Rock Auger Bits can handle solid, fracture-able rock, frozen ground, hard clay, compacted soil, and just about anything else operators can throw at them. Available in diameters that range from 6" to 36", this model should be seriously considered by any Auger operator looking to earth drill with heavy-duty force and reliable results.

The other added benefit provided by McMillen is the sheer size and scope of their product line. McMillen is able to offer their earth auger bits in a truly comprehensive list of lengths, diameters and collar sizes, as well as two grades: HDC Bits are the Heavy-Duty, while HDF are the Medium-Duty option.

To give you a glimpse into how diverse the McMillen selection is, here are some of the available options:

  • Grade: HDC, HDF
  • Length: 3 Foot, 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot
  • Diameter: 6", 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 20" 24", 30" 36", 42", 48"
  • Collar Size: 2" Round, 2.56" Round, 2" Hex

With a selection that deep, there is sure to be a McMillen Auger Bit that will fit your machine, your auger drive, application and jobsite demands. It also gives loyal McMillen earth drillers the ability to amass a truly wide-reaching and multi-functional assortment of earth drilling bits and tools, with nothing standing in the way of productivity and efficient job completion.

McMillen Skid Steer Auger Bits and Accessories

- McMillen HDR Rock Auger Bits

- McMillen 3 Foot Auger Bits

- McMillen 4 Foot Auger Bits

- McMillen 5 Foot Auger Bits

- McMillen 6 Foot Auger Bits

- McMillen HTF Tree Planting Auger Bits

- McMillen Fixed Length Auger Extension

- McMillen Auger Adapters


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