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About Us

Welcome to Skid Steer Solutions: The Trusted Equipment Source. We are family-owned and operated, having been in business for over two decades. We strive to offer the best customer service in the business, the best attachment and parts support, and the most innovative products available. We hope to earn your trust and make you a loyal customer for life.

Passion. Loyalty. Expertise.

Skid Steer Solutions is a family owned and operated organization of inspired compact equipment enthusiasts. We are friendly faces, hard workers and above all we are attachment experts. It's not as easy as some might think, running an eCommerce business that sells, at times, really complicated equipment and attachments. There are a lot of people involved, lots of technology, and a lot of moving parts. We know how important it is to get orders processed and shipped to the customer as soon as possible, and to back our sales and our products with full customer support. We've been in business over twenty years and pride ourselves in running efficiently while also providing industry-leading customer service. Read on to learn how we're working hard every day to set the standard, then browse our wide selection of high-quality attachments, or call one of our product experts to experience the difference when dealing with Skid Steer Solutions. 


Our Story: A Message from Rob

We are a family run business based in Bellingham, Washington. Don't let our location fool you, our trucking costs are contract based and are very low. We built our first attachment in 1994. They were a simple set of chain tracks. This was our only product until the introduction of our backhoe in 1998. We had tried to sign up dealers to carry our products with no luck so we decided to try the internet. My name is Rob, and I started this company over 20 Years ago and have continued running it with some of my first employees.

We launched which was a success, but we soon realized that it did not convey our true intent. Since we were building custom products based on our customers needs, we decided on Skid Steer Solutions. This has been a perfect match for what we are all about. When you contact us, we try to find a solution for your needs. Some times this involves us sending you to another manufacturer, but you will remember us. We gave you the information you needed to make an informed decision and did not try to sell you something you did not need. This is how we like to be treated when we want to buy something and so this is what you should expect from us. We do not attempt to sell you anything. We teach you how and what to buy.

The journey of Rob Leib from working out of his garage to making Skid Steer Solutions an Attachment powerhouse.

Now the tough part. How to market our products? We would love to see our products in every dealers showroom. Unfortunately what that means to our customers is that we raise our prices 25 - 40% to cover their required margins. We do not think that you would be willing to pay that much more just to have the products stored locally. Another issue we had was dealers not paying us for our products. By dealing direct and insisting on prepayment we have no losses or unpaid bills, which means we can remain even more competitive in the marketplace and offer our customers the very best prices.

A note about our competitors. We welcome competition. We really don’t like our imitators. There are a lot of web-based companies that have copied our products, our services and even the look of our website. We welcome our potential customers to call them and discuss their products, then call us and see the difference. When something is imitated, many times the imitator really isn’t sure just why it is designed a certain way. When you are the innovator of a product, you know exactly why you built it the way you did. That information is quickly relayed to you when you contact us, which further cements our position as the premier manufacturer and supplier of custom attachments. Funny, there are now a few websites that claim to be original innovators, but their web sites have only been up for a few years and the guys can't even use a computer. They pay other people to poach ideas and manufacturers from our website and throughout the industry, but don’t be fooled. We actually have to send them letters to remove our images, products and videos featuring us from their website, how silly is that?

Since we don't always have the best ideas first, we have teamed with other suppliers to help fill our gaps in our product lines. What this means to you is that these products are brought here for testing and necessary changes are made to meet our criteria. The manufacturer then will build the item to our specifications and we will sell it on their behalf. If you see this item offered by another company, it might not be the same, it’s usually easy to tell. We are very picky and thus additional work may be done to an item per our specifications, which may be done here and not even be made available to the original vendor. Sometimes an inventor may have a good idea and not want to change the implementation. We will buy just the parts from him and implement it the way it should be to work best for our customers. Why do we go to so much trouble with our company’s products? We do it only because you will notice it and become a customer for life.

Rob Leib, Founder and Owner, Skid Steer Solutions

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