Tree Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Tree Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Posted by Kyle Davis on 25th Jun 2018

Tree Planting Auger Bits

Ideal for machine operators who are looking to plant trees and shrubs with incredible speed and efficiency, there's no substitute for a reliable Tree Planting Auger Bit combined with your skid steer auger attachment. If you own a nursery, landscaping company, ranch, or just simply have a lot of land and trees to be planted, Tree Auger Bits are designed specifically to turn a labor-heavy job into a breeze. Tree Auger Bits come loaded with design features to make them extremely useful for their specific application. You'll find earth drilling teeth on both the inside and the outside of the bit, as well as a tapered diameter pattern, resulting in a more cone-shaped hole that is most ideal for the planting of trees and shrubs. Continue to read as we dive a bit deeper into the specifics of these amazing auger bits.


Tree Auger Bits for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader

Advantages of a Tree Auger Bit

The great thing about a Tree Planting Auger Bit is that it's specifically designed to excel at a single application: the planting of trees and shrubs. These bits don't boast multiple functions or cross-over performance, they simply do the job as advertised and help both professional and amateur tree planters complete more work faster. The tapered design of the bits, coupled with drilling teeth located on both the inside and outside of the bit, result in the perfect hole shape for planting trees. With this bit, you can run you skid steer or compact track loader down untold space, leaving a uniform and reliable hole pattern exactly where needed to plant a full nursery of trees. Tree Auger Bits are also excellent at removing soil, leaving behind a useful planting area, and removing the soil from the hole, without any soil returning from whence it came. This saves a great deal of time and energy knowing that your earth drilling operation will deliver the expected result without having to double-down on machine time, or rely on manual labor to finish the job properly.

Tree Auger Bit Models, Diameters and Collar Sizes

We offer Tree Auger Bits from two trusted manufacturers, both leaders in the compact equipment industry when it comes to tools and attachments. We have models from McMillen as well as Blue Diamond, and depending on the brand you select, we can offer a wide variety of tree planting bit sizes, as well as different collar sizes to suit your specific auger drive. Both McMillen Tree Auger Bits and Blue Diamond Tree Auger Bits come with a standard length of 4'. Read on to learn more about the specifics of each offering.

McMillen HTF Tree Planting Auger Bits

The McMillen branch of the Tree Auger Bit marketplace is their HTF Tree Planting Bits. These bits feature performance benefits to make tree and shrub planting as efficient as possible. They have a hardened, bolt-on gage on the outside of the bit, which combine with wisdom teeth on the inside of the bit to create the optimal hole in the earth for planting. They feature a tapered design with diameters starting at 18", all the way up to 48", allowing operators the ability to plant very large and mature trees and landscaping if necessary. The McMillen Tree Bits also feature the widest election when it comes to collar sizes, available with 2" hex, 2" round, and 2.56" round outputs, making these bits compatible with a wide range of auger drives and auger attachments.

Blue Diamond Tree Auger Bits

Blue Diamond gets a little more specific with their Tree Bit diameters, offering their bits in 4 sizes. Tapered, these bits are available as follows: 9" to 18" - 12" to 24" - 15" to 30" - 18" - 36". Many customer may find these specific measurements helpful when planning out their landscaping projects and selecting the proper bit for the job. Blue Diamond Tree Bits also feature teeth on the inside and outside of the bit, resulting in extremely quick operation than can produce a whole fleet of holes in the earth very quickly. For massive tree planting projects the time and labor saved by this approach with a skid steer loader is second to non. Blue Diamond Tree Bits come standard at 2" hex, but 2" round and 2-9/16" round collar sizes are available upon request (depending on availability from Blue Diamond facilities). Blue Diamond Tree Planting Auger Bits feature heavy-duty construction, designed for constant use and reliable results day-in and day-out. With a hardened fishtail point and heavy-duty double flighting, these auger bits showcase the same Blue Diamond quality apparent in all of their attachments and tools.

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Tree Planting Auger Bits

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