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Star Industries will be the star of your Construction Site

By Ashley Nash

Skid Steer Solutions is partnering with well regarded American manufacturer Star Industries! Built with quality in mind, their arsenal of Skid Steer attachments will cover all your bases to get a project done, all at a reasonable price. They offer a large selection of attachments and parts, from pallet forks and buckets, to the versatile Versa Rake, which allows you to do the work of multiple attachments in one. Sift rocks, level land, and clear vegetation all with the Versa Rake.

Since 1981, Star Industries has brought quality equipment to North America at a reasonable price. The Star Industries Skid Steer Auger Attachment comes with the mount and a well-made auger, allowing you to drill holes for plumbing, construction, or fencing.

Star Industries also manufactures Auger Bits to go with their Auger Kit. Rockearth, and T-post augers get the job done! 

Check out the video below on Star Industries' most unique attachment: The Versa Rake.

See what else Star Industries has to offer here:

  • Auger Rack
  • Grapple and Root Grapple Buckets
  • Pallet Forks and Mount
  • Plus many more for both Standard and Mini Skid Steers


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