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Welcome to the Skid Steer Solutions Media Center, your destination for industry leading content and information related to Skid Steer Loaders and Skid Steer Attachments. At Skid Steer Solutions, we’re more than a simple online retailer. We own machines and personally operate a great deal of the attachments and accessories we make available to our customers. We’re passionate about high quality, expertly manufactured products, and we’re excited to highlight our superior offerings here, with in-depth and informative blog posts, as well as detailed videos and product demonstrations. Explore our constantly updated content below, and follow us on social media to stay current on what we’re up to at Skid Steer Solutions, your Trusted Equipment Source.

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At Skid Steer Solutions, we're serious about the "solutions" part of our name. We're always inspired by the many ways equipment operators come up with solutions to problems and the innovations they create to get work done. Most recently, we partnered with Eterra Attachments on a unique application of their Raptor Boom Mower Attachment. Eterra traveled to Stettler, a town in Alberta, Canada, to partner with Ultra-Traxx Inc., a company looking to more effectively cut and trim back brush from the sides of railways.

Ultra-Traxx relies on a Bobcat Toolcat with customized rail gear, allowing the Toolcat to stay secured to the railway while performing work. By outfitting their Toolcat with the Raptor Boom Arm and Sickle Mower Attachment, Ultra-Trax was able to take their railway brush clearing and trimming efforts to a whole new level. 

Be sure and check out the video above to see the full set-up in action. Needless to say the application was a smashing success, with the Raptor Boom Arm and Sickle Mower able to cut down a wide variety of rail-side brush and small trees while moving along the route at a crisp pace. 

By taking advantage of Eterra's industry-leading innovations and designs, Ultra-Traxx was able to increase their operational efficiency a great deal. No longer needing to rely on workers on the ground with chainsaws and weed-eaters, they could now utilize their employees strengths in other aspects of their business and complete more jobs faster, with less wear and tear on their crew and a massive decrease in waste. Increased efficiency, automated, reliable trimming, and increased safety for the working crew: A total positive improvement across the board.

After witnessing this mowing combination first-hand, it's same to say that the Raptor Boom Mowing system outperforms any other application when it comes to the unique and custom job requirements of a railway company such as Ultra-Traxx Inc. Mark this awesome application down as another successful and innovative solution!

Okanagen Dream Rally and Skid Steer Solutions - Race Day Recap

This past weekend, on August 6th, 2017, Skid Steer Solutions was a proud sponsor of the Okanagen Dream Rally, providing a car and a driver for the event. The rally's mission is to raise funds for children and families who have experienced trauma or who are battling illness in their lives, while also giving affected [...]

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Skid Steer Solutions is a Proud Sponsor of the Okanagen Dream Rally (Drive For a Cause)

Skid Steer Solutions is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring a car at the Okanagen Dream Rally this weekend (August 6th, 2017) in Kelowna, BC.The Okanagen Dream Rally raises money to support Autism Okanagen, KidSport, and the Central Okanagen Hospice Association. In addition to funds raised, special needs children and their families will [...]

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Eterra Excavator Brush Mower Attachments | Product and Media Overview

Brush Mowers mounted on Excavators and Mini Excavators pose an interesting for designers and engineers. When mowing on such a large, powerful machine, operators are (understandably) going to demand an  Excavator Brush Mowing Attachment that can keep up. They’re also going to need a mower that is lightweight enough to avoid tipping, allowing for proper weight distribution and with a [...]

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The Dragon Tail Log Grappling Forestry Device that Turns your Track Loader into a Tree Hauling machine!

You've read the title and are asking yourselves... Well, who knows what your mind has conjured up. Just watch the video below to get acquainted with a pretty revolutionary device. The Dragon Tail Log Grappling Forestry System.Dragon Tail Grapple System Video The Dragon Tail isn't just your average  skid steer grapple attachment. The Dragon Tail articulating/log hauling [...]

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How to Take Advantage of Skid Steer Attachments for Fence Installation

The industry of fence installation and fence contracting is booming. With a hot real estate market comes more land development and increased construction. Most if not all of these newly developed lots are in need of strong, quality fencing. New buyers are looking for high quality materials and details when the time come to put down their hard earned [...]

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Cement Mixing Attachments for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

Concrete is older than the Roman’s and the technology for concrete mixing it is just as old. Unfortunately for them, the Roman's didn't have the advantage of Skid Steer Attachments. Knowing the difference in cement and concrete can save you some embarrassment when describing all your hard work to more knowledgeable construction workers and machine operators.Cement [...]

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How to Install Fence Posts with a Breaker Style Post Driver

The concept of installing fences or posts seems relatively simple – stick posts in the ground deep enough so they stand on their own. Easier said than done as there are a number of methods (granted, some are better than others) to accomplish this: 1. By hand (directly into soil): Dig a hole by hand (or  auger if you [...]

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Skid Steer Loader or Compact Track Loader?

With the growing popularity of compact track loaders (CTL) over traditional skid steer loaders (SSL), a few of our newer customers have asked us what the differences are, and whether these differences will impact their attachment options. We have the best skid steer attachments, but does that matter if you don't know the difference between a skid steer [...]

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Best Attachments for Heavy Snowfall? How About Light Snowfall? Consider an Angle Broom and Snow Blower

Want to make the snow disappear as quickly as its piling up on your driveway? This week, we consider other options besides the ever popular snow pusher and plow. Contrary to popular belief, having just one snow removal attachment, such as a bucket, will not suffice for all snow falls (consider it more of a staple; a snow bucket is [...]

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