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The EX-30 is Eterra's Best Selling Excavator Flail Mower: Video and Spotlight

By Kyle Davis

The EX-30 Flail Mower Attachment for Compact and Mini Excavators

Lightweight, powerful and efficient, those are the key characteristics of the EX-30 Flail Mower from Eterra. Part of a full line of Flail Mower Attachments for Compact and Mini Excavators, the EX-30 has the distinction of being Eterra's best-seller. Ideal for clearing and mowing around roadsides, ponds and lakes, ditches, driveways and much more, the EX Series of Flail Mower is loaded with efficient technology, designed by operators for operators, manufactured to deliver results you can stand behind.

Read on to view the newest EX-30 video, with an in-depth overview of some of the key features and benefits that make this mower such a stand-out in the industry. The quality of design and attention-to-detail is hard to ignore when you see this mower up close and in action. Watch the video, read about the features and key specifications, and see why the EX-30 and EX Series of Flail Mowers sets the standard.

Click here to shop the EX-30 Excavator Flail Mower from Eterra


Eterra EX Series Flail Mowers for Excavators


New Eterra EX-30 Video

Eterra has launched a brand new video for the EX-30, complete with their brand new logo and aesthetics. The sleek, modern branding of the new Eterra look combines perfectly with their expertly designed attachments and mowers. In this video, the EX-30 is mounted on a Yanmar ViO55, with additional mowing footage of the EX-30 mounted on a Kubota KX057. Rob Leib, owner of Eterra, runs through the key features and benefits of the flail mower, showcasing the industry-leading attention-to-detail that Eterra is known for.

Check out the video below to see the EX-30 in action, then continue reading for a spotlight of some key performance benefits, as well as a transcript of the new video. If you are interested in learning more about the EX-30, would like to discuss mounting details for your specific excavator machine, or would like to request an official quote, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-966-2538.



The Eterra Cutter Shaft

The Cutter Shaft of the EX-30 Flail Mower has been electronically balanced, a process that leads to a fully efficient mower, one that resists inefficient vibration or energy loss. This means operators will enjoy maximum efficiency while mowing, and a longer operating life, even when put to heavy use. 

The Eterra Cutter Shaft also features 6" DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) Tubing, leading to extreme strength and durability. The DOM process imparts significantly improved mechanical properties to the cutter shaft tube, and a superior strength weld. This process is a prime example of Eterra's commitment to quality, apparent in all of their attachments and mowers, especially the EX-30 and EX Series.


Eterra EX-30 Flail Mower for Excavators


EX Flail Mowers: Lightweight Yet Strong

The full series of EX Flail Mowers have been designed to offer superior mowing performance and strength, all in a compact and lightweight package. A lighter weight means you can mow on side hills and uneven terrain without having to worry about tipping your machine over or putting yourself in an unsafe position. These light and powerful mowers reduce the swing weight of your machine, keeping you operational and safe in all mowing conditions.


The Eterra EX Series of Flail Mowers

The EX-30 is the most popular model of the series, but Eterra offers a full host of Flail Mower sizes to fit a wide range of Compact and Mini Excavators. From the EX-30 Micro, all the way up to the EX-50, there's sure to be an option that will combine with your machine for excellent mowing operation. Here are the available models, and the excavator size and hydraulic flow that best pairs with the mower.

  • EX-30M: 2,200-7,000 Pounds / 5-15 GPM
  • EX-30: 7,500-14,000 Pounds / 13-25 GPM
  • EX-40: 9,000-20,000 Pounds / 15-44 GPM
  • EX-50: 17,000-25,000 Pounds / 25-50 GPM


Eterra EX-30 Mower on Yanmar XiO55 Machine


EX-30 Flail Mower: New Video Transcript

Hi, Rob here with Eterra, and I'm here with the EX-30 Flail Mower for Compact Excavators.

This is part of a full line of Excavator Flail Mowers that we manufacture, including the EX-30 Micro, the EX-30, the EX-40, and the EX-50. 

The EX-30 is a lot of power in a compact package. This allows the operator to swing at full extension, without the worry of tipping the machine over.

It features a direct drive system, which is the most efficient system available. It puts all of the power directly onto the cutter shaft.

The EX Series of mower from Eterra are designed and manufactured in the USA. The EX-30 uses only the finest American-Made materials.

When running a flail mower, such as the EX-30, you want to make sure that the machine is properly set-up for the task. 

We're using a ViO Series from Yanmar, and what we have here is a dual-hose system. We've got couplers set-up in such a way that they can't come off very easily, you know if we hit a branch or something. And we have a one-way valve set-up. So what happens is the pressure comes in, and the return line goes right back to tank and through the cooling system. 

The ViO Series from Yanmar meets all the requirements that we need to run this mower successfully. 

The Eterra EX-30 Flail Mower is one of the finest flail mowers you can find on the marketplace today. 

If you want more information on the EX-30, visit us at www.eterra-usa.com


Roadside mowing with the Eterra EX-30 Flail Mower for compact excavators


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