4 Foot Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers

4 Foot Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers

Posted by Kyle Davis on 12th Jun 2018

4 Foot Earth Auger Bits

The industry standard when it comes to auger bit length, 4 foot auger bits are your one-stop-shop when it comes to an essential bit that can get the job done. Bore holes for fence posts, earth drill, and everything else with the auger bit length most popular and most widely available. Why is 4 foot the go to length for auger bits? It's the optimal blend of earth drilling depth, combined with a weight and a size that can still provide a great deal fo torque and power with the widest range of machines. The four foot auger bit is so versatile, it can be coupled with both full-size skid steer loaders, as well as mini skid steers. At Skid Steer Solutions, we have a fully stocked shelf of 4 foot auger bits, ready for your selection. Featuring trusted brands and extremely durable designs, these 4 foot auger bits will pair with your auger attachment and drive, and give you the earth drilling capabilities you're looking for. Read on to learn more about some of our trusted brands, and our wide selection of diameters and collar sizes.

Advantages of 4 Foot Auger Bits

The main advantage of the 4 foot auger bit is it ubiquity. That is, it's the most popular, widely available and versatile length of skid steer auger bit on the market. The mass production of this size of bit keeps costs down, with saving passed on to customers in the long run, and the ability of these bits to pair with mini loaders as well as standard machines means they can fit just about anywhere. Most machines will optimize their power and torque with a 4 foot auger bit, providing an excellent combination of earth drilling depth, without stalling out your drive or getting caught up in difficult terrain. 

If you're looking to pair your Mini Skid Steer Loader with a 4 foot auger bit, we simply ask that you don't exceed 24" of diameter with your bit. This will keep your earth drilling quickly and effectively. While a larger bit diameter may fit on your mini drive, performance can get a bit sluggish and you may experience hold-ups when drilling into more challenging material. Keep your diameter 24" or less, and you'll be preparing for fence posts and drilling deep into the ground with ease. Keep on reading to learn a bit more about the specific brands and models we're able to offer.

4 Foot Auger Bit Models, Diameters and Collar Sizes

As we mentioned above, 4 foot auger bits are the most widely available auger bit length, and as such, we have a host of trustworthy brands and models to choose from. It's typically advisable to keep your auger drive and your auger bit the same brand, to keep operation consistent and servicing straight forward. If you want to mix-and-match, that is also something that can be accomplished, given you pair the right input and output collar sizes between drive and bit. If you ever run into a question, or are hesitating on what type of bit you might need, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Here is a list of brand names we carry for your 4 foot earth drilling needs:

Eterra 4 Foot Auger Bits

McMillen 4 Foot Auger Bits

Blue Diamond Standard Duty 4 Foot Auger Bits

Blue Diamond Heavy Duty 4 Foot Auger Bits


Eterra Auger Bits

Eterra build some of the most efficient auger bits available. Their 4 foot earth auger bits feature single flighting, something that is worthy of explanation. These bits are built tough enough to forgo the traditional double flighting seen in many other models, and instead can operate with ease with single flighting, offering operators quicker, more efficient drilling, and quicker clear-out of material for the next drill. Avoid getting jammed in wet material and throwing excess dirt back in your clean hole with this strong design. Eterra auger bits can also take on tungsten carbide upgrades in both the teeth and fishtail point to give your drilling some extra power.

McMillen Auger Bits

The McMillen 4 Foot Auger Bit selection is going to be the widest and most diverse. With 2 grades available, a host of diameters, and many collar sizes, there's sure to be an option that will fit your auger attachment. HDC bits are the heavy-duty option, while HDF are medium-duty. Both feature a hardened fishtail point and heavy-duty double flighting.

Blue Diamond Auger Bits

Blue Diamond is a trusted name in the industry for a reason, and their auger bits are no exception. Blue Diamond has the distinction of offering their 4 foot auger bits in two models, either standard or heavy duty. The standard models are plenty tough, ideal for light to moderate usage, while offering a bit of cost savings. The heavy duty models can handle difficult ground conditions, which include clay, frozen soil, fracturable rock, and compacted soils.

With such a wide selection comes a wide selection of collar sizes. When ordering, please note the output of your auger drive and match that to the collar size of your bit. For reference, here are some of the collar sizes we have available for 4 foot auger bits.

- 4 Foot Auger Bit with 2" Round Collar

- 4 Foot Auger Bit with 2.56" Round Collar

- 4 Foot Auger Bit with 2" Hex Collar


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