Rock Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Rock Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Posted by Kyle Davis on 20th Jun 2018

Rock Auger Bits

The most extreme models available when it comes to skid steer auger bits, Rock Auger Bits can provide incredible boring and drilling power, even in the most extreme applications. You'll want to opt for the gnarlier materials and strength of a rock auger bit when drilling into material such as solid, fracturable rock, frozen ground, hard-packed clay and heavily compacted soils. Depending on the grade of your rock auger bit, and the power of your machine, operators can also tackle solid rock, concrete, asphalt and more. Rock Auger Bits differ from more traditional earth auger bits thanks to their extreme teeth and fishtail tips. Bullet-style teeth provide the next level of drilling power, while increased strength and durability in the bits boring head ensure there's no material that can slow down or jam the bit while being turned with the proper amount of torque and downforce. To learn more about these extreme skid steer tools, read on for more details on our selection of rock auger bits.


Advantages of Rock Auger Bits

The extreme duty application of rock auger bits are what set them apart. The ability to handle rock, asphalt, concrete, and much more means there'e no auger operation or earth drilling job that you can't handle. Instal fence posts through asphalt driveways, reinforce retaining walls, sidewalks and foundations, work on fence posts in challenging and rocky terrain, and secure you land, livestock and more no matter the location of your perimeter. Rock Auger Bits feature stronger teeth and boring heads when compared to standard bits, with many of the materials and welds weighing in heavier and thicker to ensure durability when tackling challenging materials. Our selection of Rock Auger Bits all come at 4 foot long standard, so if you're looking for a more custom length, such as 3', 5' or 6', you'll want to look into our extensive line of Earth Auger Bits.

Rock Auger Bit Models, Diameters and Collar Sizes

Our selection of Rock Auger Bits come available from two industry-leaders and trusted manufacturers, McMillen Attachments and Blue Diamond Attachments. McMillen terms their rock bits as HDR Heavy Duty Rock Auger bits, while Blue Diamond's offering is known as Extreme Duty Rock Auger Bits. Depending on the model you choose, we offer rock auger bits with diameters as small as 4", all the way up to 36". Both manufacturers offer their bits with a 2" Hex collar standard, although Blue Diamond can offer 2" Round or 2.56" Round collar sizes upon special request (and depending on availability).

McMillen HDR Rock Auger Bits

McMillen's HRD Heavy Duty Rock Auger Bits are perhaps the most well known in our industry, and are certainly one of the all-time best sellers on Skid Steer Solutions. Available in many diameter sizes, you can select 6", 9", 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", or 36" wide rock bits, all with 2" hex collars, depending on your drilling needs. The McMillen model excels at boring and drilling into solid, fracturable rock, and is also adept at handling frozen ground, clay and compacted soils. A hardface outer edge combines with .77" diameter bullet teeth and a fabricated boring head to provide extreme drilling. McMillen Rock Auger Bits are rated for torque output of up to 6,000 ft. lbs.

Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Rock Auger Bits

Extreme Duty Rock Auger Bits from Blue Diamond are another reliable rock drilling tool, coming courtesy of a power player in the compact equipment industry. Blue Diamond's bits require a minimum of 3,000 pounds of down pressure for optimal efficiency. They come with a standard collar of 2" Hex, with 2" Round and 2.56" Round available upon request and depending on availability. Blue Diamond's Extreme Rock Bits are excellent for heavy applications such as concrete, asphalt, frozen ground, and more. These bits feature cast tooth pockets, drive-in carbide bullet teeth, and a 3/4" thick boring head. All together, the result is an impressive rock drilling bit. Available in a wide selection of diameters, operators can match their bit size to their exacting job demands, with options of 4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 30", or 36" wide.


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