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6 Foot Earth Auger Bits | McMillen

6 Foot Earth Auger Bits | McMillen

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6 Foot Earth Auger Bits | McMillen

Tackle the earth with a massive 6 Foot Auger Bit from McMillen. McMillen takes auger operations to the next level by offering their tried-and-true Auger Bits in a wide variety of lengths and collar sizes. These 6 Foot McMillen Bits come in at 72", 2 feet longer than standard, and offer incredible reach and depth for earth drilling. Complete your full auger arsenal with these strong, durable, and long bits. Fence contractors, landscaping professionals, and all all earth drillers will save time by eliminating the need to constantly swap out extensions for deeper digs. While long, these bits don't skimp on strength or earth drilling ability, and stay true to the quality you've come to expect from McMillen. Both heavy and medium duty models come standard with a hardened fishtail point and rugged, double flighting.

All McMillen Earth Auger Bits on this listing have a length of 6' or 72". Select the HDC (Heavy-Duty) style or HDF (Medium-Duty) style depending on your needs. You may also select from various Auger Bit diameters and Collar Sizes.

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HDC, Heavy-Duty Auger Bit Features

Application: Difficult ground conditions, compacted solid, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground and fracturable rock.

  • Heavy-duty cast steel boring head
  • Hardened drive-in gage (outside of bit)
  • Wisdom teeth (inside of bit)
  • Hardened fishtail point
  • Heavy-duty double flighting

HDF, Medium-Duty Auger Bit Features

Application: Light-to-moderate ground conditions.

  • Fabricated boring head
  • Hardened drive-in gage (outside of bit)
  • Wisdom teeth (inside of bit)
  • Hardened fishtail point
  • Heavy-duty double flighting 

6 Foot Earth Auger Bits: Available Collar Sizes

  • 6 Foot Earth Auger Bit with 2" Round Collar
  • 6 Foot Earth Auger Bit with 2.56" Round Collar
  • 6 Foot Earth Auger Bit with 2" Hex Collar

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McMillen Auger Data

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6" - 36"
Tooth Count:
2 - 12
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

McMillen Augers & Auger Drives 05:11
  • McMillen Augers & Auger Drives
    Need to dig holes for utility, construction or landscaping purposes with minimal damage to the surrounding areas? McMillen Augers and Drives, by Paladin Attachments, are designed to work on skid steers, compact tractors, mini-compact loaders, mini-excavators and telehandlers. With auger diameters ranging from 4" to 36", operators have the flexibility to dig specific hole sizes that match each application.

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