Concrete Claws

Skid Steer Concrete Claws provide you with the power to effortlessly obliterate concrete slabs. These heavy-duty attachments are highly efficient at prying up and transporting concrete with your skid steer loader. Check out our industry's most trusted brands selection and get cracking!

Concrete Claws

  • Gorilla Root Grapple Attachment for Skid Steer Loader


    G2 Root Grapple | Sidney

  • FFC Skid Steer Loader Concrete Claw 48"


    Skid Steer 24" Concrete Claw | FFC

  • Blue Diamond Skid Steer Slab Bucket Attachment

    Blue Diamond

    Skid Steer Concrete Slab Bucket | Blue Diamond

  • CID skid steer concrete claw.


    Skid Steer Concrete Claw | CID