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Auger BIG BUNDLE Package | Eterra

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Skid Steer and Excavator BIG BUNDLE Auger System

The Eterra Auger for skid steers, excavators and other machines with custom mounts is ideal for digging holes for trees, plants, objects, and cement mixing. This top of the line Eterra Auger is heavy duty constructed with only the finest materials. This is an Auger Tool Kit you can rely on. Here's how it works!

Select an Auger Drive (Match Your Machine and Application):

  • 2500 (7-17 GPM)
  • 3500 (10-25 GPM)
  • 4500 (13-30 GPM)

Select a Skid Steer Mounting Frame:

  • Standard Mount
  • Flip Mount (Additional Charge - For Use with Cement Mixer Bowl)

Select a Quick Exchange Excavator Mount if you'd like to use it on an Excavator:

  • Auger Cradle
  • Auger Cradle and Coupler Weld-On Plate (We can fabricate for you, just give us a call!)

Select 1 of the following bit sizes:

Select 3 (3 Separate Choices) of the most popular bit sizes:

  • 4" Auger Bit
  • 6" Auger Bit
  • 9" Auger Bit
  • 12" Auger Bit
  • 18" Auger Bit

The beauty of having Augers and Accessories in stock is that we can package our deals any way we want to.  Our customers speak their minds and we listen so here's a deal where the more you buy the better the deal you get.

For the price shown you can choose.

Auger Specifications and Product Information - Click the Icons Below

To top it all off, we offer our no hassle, free shipping on all products shipped within the lower 48 states.

Our auger drives and bits are premium grade.  Others call theirs "Extreme"!  Ours are just plain nice, heavy duty and ready to take on any job that you may have.


Flow Rate:
7-25 GPM Optimal
Max Torque:
2100 ft. lbs.
Max RPM:
100 @ 25 GPM
Output Shaft:
2" Hex
Max Pressure:
3000 PSI
1/2" - 3500 PSI e/w FF Couplers
Recommended Auger Sizes:
4" - 24" Diameter

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Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details. Extended Auger Warranty: Our competitors have upped the ante by offering a 2/5 year warranty. What they do not tell you is that you have to return the auger and wait for them to get around to examining it to see if they will cover the warranty. This can take 1 month or more. Being the original internet company and operators ourselves, we know that you need your attachments to make a living. This type of warranty is unacceptable. Check out our Warranty vs Theirs - The Eterra 1/2/5 Warranty: 2 Years on drive system. 5 years on Gear Box. Lifetime on shaft pull-out. Year 1: 1 instance - no questions asked. You contact us, and we send you a replacement drive with a prepaid return tag for your unit. You remove the replacement unit from the box and return the drive to us at our cost. 2nd instance, shipping to be paid for by the end user. We believe that if we truly made a mistake in manufacturing and created a defect, it will happen in the first year. Most issues after the first year are due to poor maintenance. So for year two, we offer the same warranty that our competiors do. Year 2: Any instance. Shipping to and from our facility in Bellingham, Washington is paid for by the customer. We will examine the drive for proper maintenance and provide a replacement of equal value if there is a manufacturers defect. If the product has been abused, we will offer the repaired or replacement price to the customer and give them the choice. We will not send out a drive in advance. Anything pre-shipped would have to be prepaid prior to shipment. What is not covered: Abuse of any kind which includes shaft breakage. The #1 failure we see with augers is when a hole is drilled and the machine is moved while the auger is still in the ground or the operator gets impatient and tries to pull the uager out of the ground using the machine power and not the auger drive turning. Something has to give. The mount generally bends and the shaft breaks off right at the output from the gearbox. No manufacturer covers this kind of damage. Driving with a large bit on with an extension pointing striaght forward. This will also damage the cradle and break the shaft. This is obvious damage. Running the gearbox dry of oil. It is obvious to us when we inspect because the oil turns to grey putty if it is too low. An extended warranty is not a reason to not maintain your attachment. Years 3 - 5: Only the gearbox is covered if it gives out. If it made it through years 1 & 2, the chances of a failure are slim unless it has not been properly maintained. We will need to have it back to examine the gears before we can extend any kind of a warranty. Shipping must be paid for box ways by the end user. If you are shopping around, read this warranty to our competitors and ask them if their warranty is even close. Chances are that it is not.

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