3 Foot Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers

3 Foot Auger Bits for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers

Posted by Kyle Davis on 8th Jun 2018

3 Foot Earth Auger Bits

Due to customer demand, we're happy to announce that we know offer 3 Foot Auger Bits at Skid Steer Solutions. These three foot models come courtesy of trusted manufacturer, McMillen, and cab be selected in a variety of lengths and collar sizes, and between medium and heavy duty models. As machines continue to evolve and demands along with them, it's become apparent that earth drilling customers greatly value the versatility of their auger attachments, and are always looking to outfit their drives with the best bit for the job. When the times comes for a 3 foot auger bit, we have you covered. These bits go great with both full-size skids steer loaders, and especially mini skid steers.

3 Foot Auger Bits

Advantages of 3 Foot Auger Bits

The most obvious advantage of utilizing a three foot auger bit, is the small, nimble and compact size of the bit itself. The smaller length of these bits mean that you can position your auger attachment and your machine in tighter, harder to reach areas, and still enjoy sufficient earth drilling power to complete jobs. Installing fence posts between two buildings? If space is limited, sometimes all you need is that extra foot of room to make a difficult job a lot easier, thanks to the power of your machine and your auger attachment. 

3 Foot Auger Bits are also ideal for mini skid steer loaders. Smaller machines have less hydraulic flow than standard size loaders, and so torque and drilling power can be lessened if trying to run too large a bit or drill through too heavy of soil. A smaller bit will pair with your smaller machine in a more optimal way, and it will also make things easier when maneuvering around with the bit installed on your auger attachment. Depending on your mini machine, your lift may not be enough to handle 4, 5 or 6 foot bits, making operation limited and awkward. With a smaller, three foot bit, you'll be able to get from post area to post area, quickly and effectively, all while maintaining a powerful tool on your machine.


3 Foot Auger Bit Models, Diameters and Collar Sizes

Thanks to the wide selection provided by McMillen, we're able to offer an incredible range of options when you select your three foot auger bit. That means no matter your machine, your collar size, or your earth drilling needs, if you've decided a 3 foot bit is the way to go, chances are we have the bit for your.

Our McMillen 3 Foot Auger bits come in diameters that range from 6" to 36", they can also be selected by grade, with options for a heavy-duty HDC bit, or a medium-duty HDF bit. The heavy-duty bit will offer a bit more biting power, while the medium duty will offer cost savings without sacrificing performance.

Collar sizes are also an important option, and we have all the bases covered on that. You'll want to know the collar size of your auger drive, and match that to the bit you select. For your reference, here are the collar sizes we offer with our 3 foot auger bits.

- 3 Foot Auger Bit with 2" Round Collar

- 3 Foot Auger Bit with 2.56" Round Collar

- 3 Foot Auger Bit with 2" Hex Collar


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