Auger Stump Planer for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Auger Stump Planer for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders

Posted by Kyle Davis on 25th Jun 2018

Auger Stump Planer

The Auger Stump Planer available here at Skid Steer Solutions comes courtesy of Eterra, and is another addition to Eterra's ever-expanding line of innovative and useful tools. This Stump Planer brings a new level of operational excellent to Eterra's renown Auger Attachment line, pairing perfectly with the power of their 3500 and 4500 auger drives to give users an efficient and useful Auger Stump Planer, all at an affordable price point and a fraction of the cost of a dedicated stump grinding attachment. The Auger Stump Planer is a sensible addition to your earth drilling arsenal for those random stumps that always seem to pop-up during a job. You probably have not set out to remove a full collection of stumps, and you might not have an expensive grinder at the ready, but if you're drilling to install a fence or plant a field full of trees, a random stump can slow you down. Thanks to this Stump Planer, you can quickly and easily swap in a planer on your already attached drive and get to work, remove the stump and continue on with your day. No more heavy digging or labor to remove these stubborn stumps, with your machine and your auger drive at the ready, you're good to go thanks to this useful Auger Stump Planer.

Auger Stump Planer

Advantages of Auger Stump Planers

The Eterra Auger Stump Planer is very cost-effective, and a great alternative to expensive attachments for operators who run into stumps, but don't specifically boast mass stump removal as part of their job functions. Grind away and remove stumps, all with the same auger drive you use to earth drill. A quick swap of tools and a few minutes of stump grinding will remove the annoying stump without having to dedicate a lot of time, energy or money to the job. The Eterra Stump Planer is also designed to be fully optimized with the torque output of the Eterra 3500 and 4500 Auger Attachment, so if you're already enjoying the Eterra experience, you need only to add the Stump Planer to your collection and operate with confidence, knowing you have a match designed for performance. Operating a different Auger Drive? No problem, as long as you have 2" hex output on your drive the the appropriate amount of pressure from your machine, you will also experience quality stump removal operation. Another advantage of this stump planer is how easy it is to replace wear parts. If the pilot or the teeth get worn down from heavy use, affordable replacement parts are available for Eterra quick and easy. This will get your Stump Planer in optimal shape for each and every job. 


Auger Stump Planer Models and Compatibility

These useful Auger Stump Planer come in two sizes, 10" and 14". The 10" model is optimal for the 3500 Eterra Auger, while the 14" is optimal for the 4500 Eterra Auger. Both attach to a 2" hex drive, and have specific torque requirements (please see below for details). Capable of boring up to 18" deep, these stump planers can also be paired with heavy-duty auger extensions to provide even deeper drilling when operated by powerful machines. 

Eterra Auger Stump Planer Torque Requirements

If you're pairing the Eterra Stump Planer with a non-Eterra branded Auger Drive or Auger Attachment, you'll want to make sure you're sending out an appropriate amount of torque in order to grind down stumps properly. Your torque output is going to depend on the rating of your auger drive combined with the hydraulic flow of your skid steer or compact track loader. Please refer to the specs of your auger drive, or consult with the manufacturer, if you're unsure of compatibility with the Eterra Stump Planer.

  • 10" Stump Planer Torque Range: 2,700-6,000 Ft. Lbs.
  • 14" Stump Planer Torque Range: 3,500-6,000 Ft. Lbs.

Eterra Auger Stump Planers

The Eterra Auger Stump Planer utilizes 3 steel cutting blades, along with a strong and reliable starter tip, which is totally replaceable, and can also be sharpened to extend usage. There are guides on the trailing edges of the cutters, and the pilot tip feeds the planer all the way through the stump. This creates a reliable and uniform grind, with the planer remaining straight throughout operation, as to cut down on jamming or slowing down. The Planer also resists and eliminates the attachment from jumping out of the hole during operation. Check out the video below, in which the 14" stump planer is shown on a 5-year old Eterra Auger Drive, demonstrating stump removal. The 14" model is used in a fan-approach with the diameter of the grinds overlapping in order to grind down and remove a large stump. See this useful tool in action and get ready to clear away any stump that blocks your job. 



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