How to Take Advantage of Skid Steer Attachments for Fence Installation

How to Take Advantage of Skid Steer Attachments for Fence Installation

Posted by Kyle Davis on 6th Jul 2017

The industry of fence installation and fence contracting is booming. With a hot real estate market comes more land development and increased construction. Most if not all of these newly developed lots are in need of strong, quality fencing. New buyers are looking for high quality materials and details when the time come to put down their hard earned money, or they’re looking to improve on their investment and increase equity by installing a brand new fence. Fencing the perimeter of a lot can provide valuable privacy while also framing yards for landscaping projects, play areas for children, and space for pets to run free. For buyers who are securing serious acreage, they may be looking to enclose valuable livestock or farming land.

It’s no surprise then that demand for reliable fence contractors is on the rise. With job requests coming from both buyers, sellers, developers and private owners, there are miles and miles of potential fencing to install, thousands and thousands of posts to get into the ground. For fence contractors looking to get the most out of their time, install more fencing, and complete jobs efficiently, there’s no substitute for a Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader outfitted with the proper  Skid Steer AttachmentsSkid Steers and Mini Skid Steers are compact and versatile, and can get fit into key areas on a jobsite where larger machines can’t access.  Skid Steer Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of unique and versatile  Cement MixingEarth Drilling, and Post Driving attachments from American manufacturer Eterra, all which are sure to help you complete your next project well ahead of schedule.


Eterra Skid Steer Auger Drive and Cement Mixer Attachment

When it comes to getting fence posts into the ground, secured by concrete, the  Eterra Auger Drive Cement Mixing System is an all-around monster of extreme efficiency. With Eterra’s proprietary  Auger Drive design and Flip Hitch Mount, you can drill holes with your Auger Drive, flip the drive to an upward 45 degree angle, attach the  Eterra Cement Mixer Bowl, and mix cement with the power of your machine. No more stomping back and forth with an overloaded wheelbarrow, stumbling and struggling on uneven terrain, pushing and pouring and scraping with messy shovels to fill up fence post holes. Let the Skid Steer do the work. All you need to do is operate the controls and get the attachment in the proper position to succeed. Dig, mix, pour, profit, repeat. It’s that simple thanks to this brilliant  Skid Steer Attachment system from Eterra.



Eterra Mini Skid Steer Auger Driver and Cement Mixer Attachment

The same system as described above, but with attachments specifically designed to work on your  Mini Skid Steer. These machines really shine on small residential jobs and tight places, and thanks to Eterra’s design, you don’t have to skimp on high quality, heavy-duty, hard working attachments just because your machine is smaller. The  Mini Skid Steer Cement Mixing System has the same earth drilling, cement mixing and pouring capabilities as the larger Auger Drive, only designed for Mini Skid Steers and available with the proper mounts and Eterra adapters, ensuring you’ll have the right fit for your machine.

Skid Steer Attachments for Fence Installation

Eterra Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders and Excavators

For jobs that don’t require drilling, Eterra offers a selection of their industry-leading  Breaker Style Post Drivers, with the ability to pound wood fence posts, steel posts, railway ties and T-posts, in a variety of conditions. What sets these  Skid Steer Attachments apart are their American-Made quality and strength, along with the versatility they offer when it comes to tilt functionality, different sizes and styles of driver heads, and the ability to add a  5-foot concrete breaker tool to the attachment.

The BPD-1250 offers an incredible amount of driving force, and is compatible with the Bradco Tilt Tach, as well as the Eterra Weight Plate. With the Tilt Tach and Weight Plate installed along with the BPD-1250, you have over 2,000 pounds of extreme post driving force at your control, all with tilt functionality for uneven terrain.

The PDX-750 is the newest design in the Eterra Post Driver family, featuring an available integrated and compact tilt mechanism, as well as two different driver head options. The Coned driver head is an open cup style with a 9” diameter that allows for up to an 8” post. You can also opt for the Flat Cup option with Post Guide and Eyelets, which includes an additional housing enclosure for the driver, as well as 4 different eyelet sizes, allowing you to mix and match depending on the posts your working with to achieve maximum control and driving power.

Both of these models have the ability for quick and easy installation of a 5-Foot Concrete Breaker tool. If you’re taking down an old fence and have to contend with old concrete or rocks in the soil, simply attach this breaker tool and blast away the room you need for your fence posts. Additional features and details include a plumb-chain for reference when driving, integrated hose protection, a pull hook for removing old posts, extremely durable and thick steel, as well as plug and play electrical controls that make sure these attachments will run on any Skid Steer Loader. They’re also  Excavator and Backhoe compatible!

As you can see, Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra really do offer a full and complete Skid Steer Attachment package for fence contractors looking to take their operation to the next level. Attention to detail and a commitment to quality are what make these attachments stand out from the pack, and they’re sure to help your business do the same.