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ML-2500 Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment | Eterra

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ML-2500 Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment | Eterra

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The ML-2500 Mini Skid Steer Auger is a proven attachment. Eterra Attachments is renown for their versatile and multi-use attachment vision, and the ML-2500 is no exception. The ML-2500 is compatible with the Eterra Mini Skid Steer Cement Mixing System and can also accommodate the Eterra Spiral Splitter for splitting logs. If your machine's hydraulic flow range is between 6 and 17 GPM, then you can use the Eterra ML-2500. Be ready for all jobsite conditions and projects by ordering additional bits, extensions and more. This auger is truly a multi-use monster that can save time, labor and money.

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  • Mini Universal Mount included with Purchase
  • Select Optional Adapter
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  • Select Optional Auger Bit
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  • Interested in adding a Cement Mixer Bowl option? Please click here to learn more.

The ML-2500 is a premium grade auger drive with a built in pin-able style hitch. Avoid the need for pounding around with a bunch of tools when it comes time to adjust your auger or load a new attachment. Simply unhook a lynch pin and slide the locking pins out with your fingers. No special tools required. With the hitch properly adjusted, you can even add the Eterra cement mixer and pour cement on site. Un-pin the hitch and you have a fully featured auger with a 2-way swivel. Add an auger bit sized up to 24”. This type of productivity is unheard of in the Skid Steer and Mini Skid Steer industry.

Fits most Mini Skid Steers including: Toro Dingo, Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Boxer, New Holland, Thomas, ASV/Terex and Bobcat MT series. Select the appropriate adapter in the product options above, or call Skid Steer Solutions to coordinate the proper fit with your machine.


  • Mix and pour small batches of cement with Eterra Mini Skid Steer Cement Mixing System
  • Recommended Auger Bit sizes: 4"-24"
  • Hydraulic Flow Range: 6 - 17 GPM
  • Mini Universal Mount included
  • Additional adapters and plates available
  • Lifetime warranty on shaft pull-out
  • Earth Drill Post Holes
  • Work reliably and efficiently


Specifications | Eterra Auger Product Information

Flow Range:
6 - 17 GPM
230 Pounds

Product Videos

Auger Earth Drilling Attachments | Eterra 03:38
  • Auger Earth Drilling Attachments | Eterra
    Website Information: Auger Attachments for Skid Steer, Compact Track Loader, Excavators, Backhoes and even Mini Skid Steer Loaders, Eterra has the essential earth drilling attachments that you require.
  • The Eterra ML-2500 Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment | Skid Steer Solutions
    Product Info: The ML-2500 Auger Attachment is an excellent tool for anyone planning a project for a new fence installation or Tree Line. This attachment fits all Mini Universal Mini Skid Steer attachment plates such as Toro, Vermeer, Boxer, Ditch Witch and Ram Rod. We have adapters for MT Series Bobcats and ASV/Terex or Thomas machines as well. Call 866-966-2538 to learn more!
  • Eterra Mini Skid Steer Auger Drive - Unboxing and Features
    Here's what you can expect after ordering a Mini Skid Steer Auger Drive from Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra Attachments. Eterra goes above and beyond when it comes to packaging and boxing their products, with thoughtful attention-to detail. The attachment itself is the same way, loaded with features to help you get work done fast. See everything this Mini Skid Steer Auger Drive has to offer, including compatibility with a number of mounts and adapters (fit for any machine), and the incredible function of flipping over and accepting a cement mixing bowl for mixing concrete on the job. Shop the Eterra ML-2500 Mini Skid Steer Auger Drive Here: Shop the ML-2500 with Cement Mixing Function here:

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details. New for 2015 is our extended warranty. Our competitors have upped the ante by offering a 2/5 year warranty. What they do not tell you is that you have to return the auger and wait for them to get around to examining it to see if they will cover the warranty. This can take 1 month or more. Being the original internet company and operators ourselves, we know that you need your attachments to make a living. This type of warranty is unacceptable. Check out our Warranty vs Theirs - The Eterra 1/2/5 Warranty: 2 Years on drive system. 5 years on Gear Box. Lifetime on shaft pull-out. Year 1: 1 instance - no questions asked. You contact us, and we send you a replacement drive with a prepaid return tag for your unit. You remove the replacement unit from the box and return the drive to us at our cost. 2nd instance, shipping to be paid for by the end user. We believe that if we truly made a mistake in manufacturing and created a defect, it will happen in the first year. Most issues after the first year are due to poor maintenance. So for year two, we offer the same warranty that our competiors do. Year 2: Any instance. Shipping to and from our facility in Bellingham, Washington is paid for by the customer. We will examine the drive for proper maintenance and provide a replacement of equal value if there is a manufacturers defect. If the product has been abused, we will offer the repaired or replacement price to the customer and give them the choice. We will not send out a drive in advance. Anything pre-shipped would have to be prepaid prior to shipment. What is not covered: Abuse of any kind which includes shaft breakage. The #1 failure we see with augers is when a hole is drilled and the machine is moved while the auger is still in the ground or the operator gets impatient and tries to pull the uager out of the ground using the machine power and not the auger drive turning. Something has to give. The mount generally bends and the shaft breaks off right at the output from the gearbox. No manufacturer covers this kind of damage. Driving with a large bit on with an extension pointing striaght forward. This will also damage the cradle and break the shaft. This is obvious damage. Running the gearbox dry of oil. It is obvious to us when we inspect because the oil turns to grey putty if it is too low. An extended warranty is not a reason to not maintain your attachment. Years 3 - 5: Only the gearbox is covered if it gives out. If it made it through years 1 & 2, the chances of a failure are slim unless it has not been properly maintained. We will need to have it back to examine the gears before we can extend any kind of a warranty. Shipping must be paid for box ways by the end user. If you are shopping around, read this warranty to our competitors and ask them if their warranty is even close. Chances are that it is not.

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