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Skid Steer Auger and Concrete Mixer Attachment | Eterra

Skid Steer Auger and Concrete Mixer Attachment | Eterra

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355.00 LBS
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The Eterra Auger Concrete Mixing System for Skid Steer Loaders

This attachment is an all in one system that allows you to mix concrete or cement with the auger you just drilled a hole with. The Eterra Concrete Mixing System comes complete with a universal skid steer mounting plate, flip hitch mount, and concrete mixer bowl, all in one package. Hoses and flat-faced couplers are also included in this configuration. When you are done mixing, you can flip the mount over and add an auger to drill post holes. Optional extensions and bits can also be selected to make this a complete, all-around auger package.

When Eterra went to work designing a new, state-of-the-art auger they sought to do something that differentiated the brand from the rest of the pack. They applied the Eterra signature of designing products with multiple uses. Eterra strives to create added value for customers by providing multiple options and uses that can result in immeasurable efficiency.

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Developed with innovated Australian engineers and partners, Eterra is excited to offer the Concrete Mixing System. The base auger is similar to other manufacturers, but comparisons stop there. The Eterra Auger and Concrete Mixing System is offered in three different models, ensuring there is a fit with your specific model and brand of skid steer loader.

This drive system is unlike any other system available in the North American marketplace. Every other drive system on the market uses a drive shaft that is inserted from the front. It has a spline and a nut that goes on from the rear to hold the shaft in place. When you hang an auger bit on the shaft you immediately have an issue where the weight and turning motion are working on the shaft and are trying to pull the shaft out of the planetary drive. Eterra's drive shaft is inserted from the back of the gearbox and has a large thrust plate as part of the shaft. This plate keeps the weight distributed over a larger area and locks the shaft into place, virtually eliminating any risk of the shaft ever falling out of the drive unit. Eterra believes that this makes their drives much tougher than anything else available. Through more than 4 years of testing in Australia and Europe there have been no failures and you can believe the Aussies are hard on their attachments.

The Flip Hitch that comes standard with this configuration has an opposing locking collar that can easily be pinned in place. This collar holds the auger from swinging and then allows you to roll the auger drive over 180 degrees. The auger will be held at a 45 degree angle that allows you to use your auger to drill horizontally into the ground.


  • Hydraulic flow range: 7-30 GPM (varies by model)
  • Drill holes, mix concrete/cement, and pour it all with one auger drive system
  • Save time, labor and money
  • Expertly engineered to be strong, durable and perform with excellence
  • Auger Drive, Mounting Plate, Flip Hitch and Mixer Bowl included
  • Hoses and flat-faced couplers included
  • Recommended bit sizes: 4"-48"
  • Mixer Bowl Maximum Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet
355 lbs.
Flow Range:
7 - 40 GPM Optimal
Max Pressure:
3500 PSI
Maximum Torque Range:
2100 - 3500 ft. lbs. @ 3500 PSI
3/8" - 3500 PSI
O/P Shaft:
2" Hex
Max Speed:
86 RPM
Gearbox Ratio:
Mixer Bowl Volume:
47 Gallons
Output Shaft:
2" Hex
Mixer Bowl Maximum Capacity:
4 Cubic Feet
Recommended Auger Sizes:
4" - 24" Diameter
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

How To Operate the Eterra Skid Steer Auger Flip Hitch Mounting Frame 02:51
  • How To Operate the Eterra Skid Steer Auger Flip Hitch Mounting Frame
    An extremely creative and useful innovation from Eterra, the Flip Hitch Mounting Frame allows users to rotate their auger drive, drill horizontally, and even attach a cement mixer bowl as part of the Eterra Cement Mixing System. This video shows customers has to unpack and operate the Flip Hitch, going into some technical detail on how to get the most out of this exclusive Eterra invention. Shop the Eterra Auger Drive Flip Hitch Mounting Frame: Check out the Eterra Skid Steer Auger Cement Mixing System: View the entire Skid Steer Solutions catalog of Auger Drives, parts and accessories:
  • Auger Earth Drilling Attachments | Eterra
    Website Information: Auger Attachments for Skid Steer, Compact Track Loader, Excavators, Backhoes and even Mini Skid Steer Loaders, Eterra has the essential earth drilling attachments that you require.
  • How to Assemble the Eterra Cement Mixer Bowl for Skid Steer Auger Drives
    The Eterra Cement Mixing System is a dynamic and innovative way for Skid Steer operators to mix and pour cement with their auger drives. Now you can drill holes, mix cement, and pour cement, all with the power of your Skid Steer Loader and all in one place. No more wasted time and labor moving around heavy hand tools and pushing wheelbarrows of cement. This video is a handy tutorial on how to assemble the cement mixer bowl out of the box. Follow these simple steps and put the cement mixing system to the test on the job in no time. Shop the Eterra Auger Drive Cement Mixing System at Skid Steer Solutions: View individual details on the Eterra Cement Mixer Bowl: Shop a wide range of Skid Steer Auger Drive parts and accessories, including bits, extensions, and the Cement Mixing System:

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