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Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower | Eterra

Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower | Eterra

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Eterra Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower and Brush Cutter | 60" and 74" Models Available

Note: The serrated edges pictured on the front have been removed and are no longer offered. We are now offering a smooth - open edge in it's place beginning 01/19

What is amazing about the Typhoon? It has all of the features of an industrial grade cutter, but at an end-user price. You should not be comparing these mowers to the many lookalikes that you see in the $6000 - $10,000 range. These mowers are comparable in quality and ability to much more expensive mowers that you find only from the heavy commercial manufacturers. The Typhoon by Eterra Attachments will outperform and outlast any other "extreme brush cutter."

Inside the Typhoon, the drive system is second to none.  It is the largest, heaviest and highest quality drive system applicable to a compact equipment mower. The precision of the Eterra drive allows them to assemble a professional grade of mower with the highest standards. The blades and the blade holder are perhaps two of the most well designed on the market. The blade bar is a double reverse diamond shape, which gives the unit the power to start up easily with powerful spinning action while still maintaining a moderate mulching ability. The blade holder is made of one-inch thick T1 structural steel, cut with a laser and CNC machined for the type of precision manufacturing that produces structurally sound and safe products. As a matter of fact, this whole unit is comprised of parts that are so well built, Eterra backs them up with their legendary satisfaction guaranteed promise. The Eterra engineers have decades of experience with this design and have proven that this is the cutting edge of technology. Once again Eterra attacks the marketplace with aggressive designs that work.

Typhoon 74" Clearing Mower

The 74" version of the Typhoon Clearing Mower was designed and developed due to overwhelming customer demand. Operators asked for a a bigger model, and Eterra delivered. Designed for High-Flow machines with a lifting capacity of 2,500 pounds and more, the Typhoon 74 is a monster of a brush cutter. With the gate closed, the Typhoon 74 will handle up to 4" material. With the gate open and removed, the Typhoon 74 can handle up to 12" thick material, as well as grind down large logs and stumps with slow and deliberate operation. The 74 boasts a larger housing and a larger blade-bar than the 60" model. The Typhoon 74 has been manufactured to work with some of the largest and most powerful Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders in the industry today - combine this heavy-duty brush cutter with your heavy-duty machine and experience the ultimate in Skid Steer brush clearing.

Special note for Kubota owners with High-Flow machines

A piston motor option is required to operate the Typhoon on all High-Flow Kubota machines. This is due to a high-pressure surge that has been identified as a known cause of damage to lower pressure motors. If you own a High-Flow Kubota machine (32+ GPM), please select the Piston motor option to avoid this issue and ensure proper operation with the Typhoon.

Select Product Options Above

  • Select Typhoon Model/Size  
  • Select Motor Size Option - If your machine falls within 2 motor size recommendations, consider using the higher GPM motor for increased torque output. 
  • Select Debris Guard (Covers the opening on the front of the mower)
  • Typhoon 74" Model compatible with 27 - 45GPM, 3500 PSI Rated Motor only

Advantages of Having Twin Blades

The most ideal situation is to have a single cutting blade. But in order to cover more surface and maintain balance, two blades are necessary. They are also the optimal choice over having 3 or 4 blades cutting in opposite directions. The more blades you have, the more power you consume and this can reduce the fierce cutting ability of your unit. The Typhoon’s aggressive cutting force with its two-blade design means nothing in its path will remain standing. You heard that, nothing!

As skid steer loaders grow and grow, the Typhoon was introduced to be one step ahead to be able to work on even the largest machines. Skid steer loaders that now feature a hydraulic flow of 40 GPM and 4,000 PSI can unleash the full fury of this menacing brush mower. Eterra GUARANTEES it to cut through 8” trees, but even 12” don't stand a chance.

Also, for machines with flow over 25 GPM you will need a case drain. If your skid steer loader does not have one already, then you will need to install one.


  •  Only USA Made Permco hydraulic gear driven motors are used.
  •  Select between two dynamic brush cutter sizes (60" or 74") depending on your machine's capabilities and your operating needs.
  •  The blade holder is T1 grade steel and CNC machined for precise mower balance.
  •  1/4” high strength structural steel (double reinforced stress points).
  •  Tubing is 3 by 4” high strength structural steel tube that is fully integrated into the mount plate for direct push and power into and through trees. This allows for a maximum transfer of force.
  •  Direct drive system: No wear parts, bushings, or additional gears that can wear out.
  •  High quality bearings and exclusive viton shaft seal (double guarded seal for increased protection against contamination and abrasion).
  •  Replaceable skid shoes and removable blade cover for enclosed or open cutting.
  •  Anti kick-out feature on the front opening of the mower (serrated edge) provides grip when in intimate contact with trees.
  •  Vision friendly 1/2” Lexan shield and window that is bullet resistant.
  •  Polyester powder coat finish gives this mower a glimmer and great protection against the elements.
  •  Case Drain required on machines with 25 GPM or higher.

Testimonial from the Owner of Eterra

"Customers have commented that they hate to use Eterra products because they are so beautiful when they arrive and they don't want to damage them.  Even our shipping department has been retrained to build a quality pallet, wrap the Typhoon in plastic, wrap it in cardboard and then wrap it in plastic. All of this, so that your buying experience is nothing less than perfect. We don’t want to even take a chance that the delivery service can ruin your experience. We never store our products out in a parking lot for years like others do.  You expect more from us and we always deliver.

We use what we sell. Depend on Eterra Attachments to deliver you a high quality cutting tool."


Typhoon Specifications and Details


1300 lbs.
Overall Width:
Overall Depth:
Cutter Width:
Hydraulic Gear Motor:
18-40 GPM
High Flow Hydraulic Piston Motor:
32-45 GPM
Drive Spindle:
Precision CNC Machined 4140 Heat Treated
Blade Holder:
1" - T1 Flame Cut Blade Holder
12 lb. Twin Blades
Housing Material:
1/4” high strength structural steel (double reinforced stress points).
3" by 4” high strength structural steel tube
Viton double guarded shaft seal
Vision Window:
1/2" Bullet resistant Lexan shield
Number of Knives:
2 Heavy Duty Blades
8"+ Thick Material
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

The Toughest Skid Steer Brush Cutter | Typhoon Clearing Mower by Eterra 04:57
  • The Toughest Skid Steer Brush Cutter | Typhoon Clearing Mower by Eterra
    With a lot of things in life, we are forced to make sacrifices. Light weight and fast, or heavy duty and slow. Affordable but not a lot of longevity, or expensive and high performance. These are just some debacles we all come across when making an important purchasing decision related to equipment. One thing is for certain, we need equipment that can get the job done. We all know that we should avoid sacrificing the quality of our own tools and equipment when we don't have to. We depend on our tools to straighten things out when things are a little bent out of shape or in need of a tune up, so why buy tools that will bend and are undependable in a time of need. We know we should purchase the BEST tool for the job and find that tool at the best possible price and that's what the Typhoon Clearing Mower is. The best money can buy. At Eterra, we're confident that if you're going to be clearing and maintain land as a regular occurrence.. You'll be thankful you had an Eterra Typhoon with you on any jobsite of yours because we hear it all of the time. It's designed with the owner operator in mind. You're tired of bogging down on 6"+ trees with those regular cutters and their regular 'ol round blade carrier with 3-4 grass blades. You want something that's going to cut trees, grass, black berries and more. You want a mower you don't have to worry about getting a little rough with that 75+ horsepower machine, we GET IT. There is a reason you won't find an Eterra label on something that just doesn't cut it in a real tough environment. The Typhoon doesn't have a 5 Year Structural warranty because we're betting it won't fail... We KNOW it won't. Go ahead, try... Just be careful with that machine of yours, it's probably not built like the Typhoon. Are you convinced? If you liked this video of the Typhoon Clearing mower by Eterra, please give one of our product experts a call at 360-203-7730. Get a Quote:
  • Eterra Typhoon 74" Clearing Mower | Welcome to the Family
    Introducing the brand new 74" Typhoon Heavy Duty Brush Cutter and Clearing Mower. Customers demanded it, and Eterra has responded. A monster of a mower, ready to tackle the biggest and baddest brush and tree clearing jobs. Whatever you can throw at the Typhoon 74, it is up to the task. Designed for High-Flow machines (32-40 GPM, 6000 PSI) the Typhoon 74 comes outfitted with a premium Permco Gear Drive Motor. Watch the introductory video to see the Typhoon 74 in action and keep your eyes on this channel for a full product overview and demonstration. Get a Fast Quote from!
  • The Eterra Typhoon | Skid Steer Solutions Complete Brush Clearing Job
    Request a Quote Today: Watch as Rob takes his Skid Steer and an Eterra Typhoon Brush Cutter out to a neglected property line to give you a real look at how this cutting machine performs. We were impressed, and so will you. This mower cuts grass, removes trees up to 10" and is as strong as it is reliable (VERY). For more product information, visit

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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