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Cement Mixer Bowl | Eterra

Cement Mixer Bowl | Eterra

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85.00 LBS
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Eterra Auger Cement Mixer Bowl

The Eterra Auger Cement Mixer Bowl is a one of a kind attachment that is very purposeful. For those of you who use your Eterra Skid Steer Auger to dig postholes, then this is the right attachment to make your job easier. The Cement Mixer Bowl makes it so that you don’t have to lug multiple pieces of heavy equipment all around your farm or job site. You just attach it to your skid steer auger. 

It works very simply. Use your Auger Flip Hitch and your attachments can slide on and off with great ease. Once you’re ready to attach the Cement Mixer Bowl, just rotate the Flip Hitch around so that it is at a 45-degree angle. The Cement Mixer Bowl has a 2-inch hex drive coupler at it’s base that easily attaches to the Flip Hitch. Now all you have to do is add your concrete and water and you are ready to go. The Eterra Skid Steer Auger will do the rest. The Eterra auger cement mixing system will work with all Eterra Auger Drive models.


  • A part of the Eterra Auger Cement Mixing system
  • Pairs with the Eterra Auger Drive, Flip Hitch, and Mounting Plate
  • Mix and pour cement on site, using the power of your skid steer
  • No more shovels, wheelbarrows and wasted time and labor on the job
  • Capacity: Maximum 4 Cubic Feet

Skid Steer Solutions does not recommend pairing the Cement Mixer Bowl with non-Eterra Auger Drives. Operators who decide to modify their current auger systems do so at their own risk.

Bowl Volume:
47 Gallons
Drive Base:
2" Hex
Maximum Capacity:
4 Cubic Feet
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

  • How to Assemble the Eterra Cement Mixer Bowl for Skid Steer Auger Drives
    The Eterra Cement Mixing System is a dynamic and innovative way for Skid Steer operators to mix and pour cement with their auger drives. Now you can drill holes, mix cement, and pour cement, all with the power of your Skid Steer Loader and all in one place. No more wasted time and labor moving around heavy hand tools and pushing wheelbarrows of cement. This video is a handy tutorial on how to assemble the cement mixer bowl out of the box. Follow these simple steps and put the cement mixing system to the test on the job in no time. Shop the Eterra Auger Drive Cement Mixing System at Skid Steer Solutions: View individual details on the Eterra Cement Mixer Bowl: Shop a wide range of Skid Steer Auger Drive parts and accessories, including bits, extensions, and the Cement Mixing System:

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