The Eterra Scorpion Boom Mower: Skid Steer Attachment Testing and Development

The Eterra Scorpion Boom Mower: Skid Steer Attachment Testing and Development

Posted by Kyle Davis on 16th Jun 2014

The Scorpion Side-Work Mowing Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders

Ever wonder what goes into the testing and development of new Skid Steer Attachments? Thanks to our partnership with Eterra Attachments, we were given and behind-the-scenes sneak peak of how they went about engineering and launching the Scorpion Side-Work Attachment System. Here we have a video with some of the raw footage captured during one of the many development and testing phases that the one-of-a-kind, Eterra Scorpion Side-arm had to endure.

The Eterra Scorpion Side-Arm, coupled with the Sidewinder Flail Mower, makes a great tool for any and every Skid Steer operator. With the Scorpion, road and property maintenance has never been easier. An operator no longer has to reverse in and out of the overgrown area on the property line or on the side of the road. 

Just like the tractor boom mowers we see all of the time maintaining the brush and grass alongside the road, we can now do the same with our handy skid steer loaders. Just connect to the Eterra Scorpion Side arm and Sidewinder mower, and drive along the edge with the side-arm extended outwards. This innovative tool boasts unbelievable strength, so much so that even if heavy contact is made with a tree, the machine will probably be spun and there won't likely be any damage to the mower! How incredible is that? Eterra built this mower to be extremely strong and exceptionally durable, from the way the hoses are routed to the high quality cylinders used, this mowing tool won't be stopped easily.

Eterra Scorpion Mower System

You can see above, the finished product is a strong, durable, and slick mowing attachment you can trust day-in and day-out. A simplified version of Eterra's industry-leading Raptor Side-Work System, the Scorpion features a simplified, more affordable design, without any compromises in quality, power, or functionality. The Scorpion can be paired with a wide range of mowing heads, and all combined, boasts a full suite of mowing ability that can't be beat. Add a 48" Cyclone Rotary Mower head to really beat back the brush, or swap in a 5', 7' even 9' Sickle Mower, allowing you incredible reach and road-side trimming capabilities. 

With the Scorpion, there's no trees, brush, bramble, twigs, limbs, grass or roadside growth that can survive when put in its path. With superior, extremely strong mounting, you can rely on durable operation in even the most rugged applications. Put the Scorpion to the test on your 16-25 GPM rated loader and you'll be blown away by the results. 

After you witnessed the testing and development of this system, all the way to the finished product ready to ship, is it any wonder that it delivers?

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Eterra Scorpion Side-Work System with multiple mowing head options

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