Harley Rake Attachment: Skid Steer Spotlight

Harley Rake Attachment: Skid Steer Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Davis on 23rd Apr 2018

Everything You Need to Know About the Skid Steer Harley Rake Attachment - Product Overview and Photo Gallery

The Harley Rake is one of our most popular and best-selling Skid Steer Attachments, and for good reason. The Harley Rake stands for everything that makes us excited about our machines and our tools: it's versatile, multi-use, and built extremely tough. We love to get behind skid steer attachments that provide serious value to customers, and the Harley Rake is a great example. An all-in-one soil conditioning machine, the Harley Rake can single-handedly prepare soil, remove rocks and debris, grade and blend, thatch, resurface, as well as prepare soil for seeding. We recently gave the Harley Rake the full photo treatment, with in-depth detail shots and multiple angles of this heavy-duty tool. We hope our overview and detail shots will help to give a true sense of how overbuilt and strong this skid steer soil conditioner attachment truly is.

Harley Rake Skid Steer Attachment

Harley Rake Skid Steer Attachment

When preparing soil for seed, there is a large number of challenges an operator can encounter. That's why you need an attachment that can rise to the occasion and offer versatile performance to provide an exceptional final product. The Harley Rake can operate effectively in wet or dry conditions, meaning work doesn't have to stop just because it's raining. The Harley Rake also excels at general soil preparation - that means the removal of old grass and lawn, removal of weeds, and removal of weeds and pebbles. Any other debris greater than 3/4" in size also needs to be removed, and the Harley Rake can handle that demand as well. 

The next step is grading the area, shaping the soil, and ensuring that everything is blended precisely for the finished look your landscape deserves. The combination of power and precision provided by the Harley Rake makes for an encompassing attachment that can handle the demands of your landscaping project from beginning to end.

Harley Rake Attachment Detail

Harley Rake Attachment Detail: Side View and Front View of MX8

A big feature of the Harley Rake is the reliable and strong chain drive. A low profile chain case allows for maximum teeth on the bar and maximum roller depth when churning up stubborn soil. The chain drive in enclosed with a center chain idler - a proven design that prolongs chain life by eliminating chain slap and compensating for any chain stretch. The chain drive is also able to absorb any drum roller impact, protecting the motor during heavy application. 

Dual box-end plates allow for windrowing and the directing of material in either forward or reverse, an absolute must when combining the Harley Rake with your versatile Skid Steer Loader. The box ends can also be flared out, providing a protective buffer when completing precise work around foundations or sidewalks. The box ends are constructed tough and contain directly raked debris such as rock, roots, branches and more.

Harley Rake Attachment Detail - Teeth and Side

Harley Rake Attachment Detail: Teeth and MX8 Side Plate Branding

The tooth pattern of the Harley Rake are fully patented and one-of-a-kind. This technology belongs to Paladin and Harley and is the only attachment on the market with this design. The tooth pattern has been optimized to create the perfect seedbed, one that will promote complete germination and conditions for growth. After operating with the Harley Rake, your seeding ability will be maximized, and the Harley Rake allows for less passes to achieve the ultimate result, saving time and increasing productivity.

The teeth are pure carbide for long operating life, with a special blunt shape and design to promote the ultimate seedbed sub-base. After a few passes with the Harley Rake, your seedbed will feature a fracture pattern as well as optimal moisture retention and moisture release in your area. The bulk and weight of this heavy-duty attachment means constant down pressure is applied during operation for consistent and clean results.

Harley Rake Attachment Wheel and Linkage Detail

Harley Rake Attachment: Wheel and Connection Detail

The Harley Rake features independently adjustable gauge wheels, which provide extreme versatility in order to complete a wide range of jobs. The performance of these wheels is a key reason why the Harley Rake can handle several different types of soil preparation and landscaping operations. These wheels make skim passes possible for over-seeding, and they can be adjusted to even cut drainage grades. Many Harley Rake models allow for the folding up and away of the wheels for easy storage and transport.

Harley Rake Attachment: Motor Detail

Harley Rake Attachment Detail: Motor and Hose Detail

The Harley Rake comes available in multiple Rake Angle options, as well as multiple attachment widths, allowing operators with a wide range of machine sizes and job demands to find a tough-working attachment that will be ideal for them. 

Available Harley Rake Angle Options

  • Fixed Angle
  • Manual Angle
  • Hydraulic Angle

Available Harley Rake Attachment Widths

  • 48"
  • 60"
  • 72"
  • 84"
  • 90"

Harley Rake M4 for Mini Skid Steer Loaders

  • Weight: 460 pounds
  • Flow Range: 8-20 GPM
  • Working Width - Straight: 48"
  • Working Width @ 20 Degrees - 45"

Harley Rake M5 for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

  • Weight: 938 pounds
  • Flow Range: 13-20 GPM
  • Working Width - Straight: 60"
  • Working Width @ 20 Degrees - 58"

Harley Rake M6 for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

  • Weight: 1004 pounds
  • Flow Range: 13-25 GPM
  • Working Width - Straight: 72"
  • Working Width @ 20 Degrees - 68"

Harley Rake MX7 for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

  • Weight: 1075 pounds
  • Flow Range: 15-25 GPM
  • Working Width - Straight: 84"
  • Working Width @ 20 Degrees - 79"

Harley Rake MX8 for Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

  • Weight: 1347 pounds
  • Flow Range: 17-40 GPM
  • Working Width - Straight: 90"
  • Working Width @ 20 Degrees - 85"

Harley Rake Attachment Front Detail

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