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Skid Steer Harley Rake Attachment | Harley

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Harley Rake Soil Conditioner Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders

The Harley Rake is ideal for blending an old yard into a new one, power raking a new yard into a golf course, removing surface rocks yearly that find themselves close to the surface, grading and blending transitions, thatching an established yard, resurfacing gravel roads and parking lots, preparing the perfect seedbed. 

Decades of design experience and operator feedback has led to the modern Harley rake attachment design. Today's models are designed for modern more powerful skid steer weights and power. Designed for the budget conscious users who do not need all of the angling features, the rigid frame Harley Rakes are a great mix of quality and function for your landscape needs. Easy to use and a cinch easy to maintain, the manual rotation great for operators who want the features at a lower price. With a Harley Landscape Power Rake, you will be productive in no time.

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  • Select Harley Rake Angle and Size
  • Select Wire Control Harness (for use with Hydraulic Model)
  • Standard Magnetic Control Box, 14-Pin, 8-Pin, and 7-Pin electrical available. 7-Pin electrical ships separate from Skid Steer Genius

The geometry and design of this power rake is head and shoulders above the rest. If you compare the thickness of steel, type of carbides used, rubber dam thickness and tubing size to similar rakes in the market place, you will be amazed. The Harley Skid Steer Rakes are a class all to themselves. You simply cannot find a better quality skidsteer power rake anywhere.

 Harley Rakes are Ideal For
  • Blending an old yard into a new one. 
  • Power Raking a new yard into a golf course.
  • Removing surface rocks yearly that find themselves close to the surface.
  • Grading and blending transitions.
  • Thatching an established yard.
  • Resurfacing gravel roads and parking lots.
  • Preparing the perfect seedbed
  • With a Harley Landscape Rake, you are adding a very powerful and useful attachment to your arsenal.
  • Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels allow for skim passes for overseeding or adjust to cut drainage grades.
  • Pure carbide proprietary teeth design for best possible fracture pattern and superior seed and moisture retention.
  • Adjustable Rhino Hide Barrier above the roller allows you to quickly react to the soil conditions.  You choose the size of material you want left on the seedbed.
  • Quick and easily removeable/reversible end plates for windrowing and reverse box raking.
  • Slim profile bearing ends allow full depth first pass teeth penetration.
  • Triple sealed and shielded bearings for extra protection and longer life.
  • Well designed geometry provides great visibility.
  • Comes with all electrical and hydraulic connections. No hidden costs!


Harley Rake Attachment Specifications

855 lbs.
Raking Width:
Raking Width (Full Angle):
Angle Right or Left:
Minimum GPM:
84" w/ Aggressor Pointed Carbide Teeth
Frame Tubing:
Double #50
Flow Rate:
13-21 GPM
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

Harley Rake Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders - Demo 02:07
  • Harley Rake Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders - Demo
    Need an attachment that reconditions your soil before you plant or that just gives your job site a level finish. You're in need of a Skid Steer Soil Conditioner or Harley Rake Attachment. Visit for more information!
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    The Harley M Series Power Box Rake® by Paladin Construction Group attaches to skid steers to level and prepare soil for seeding. In this video, experts explain the features and benefits of using the attachment in several applications. The Harley M Series Power Box Rake is available in 6 different fixed, manual or hydraulic models.
  • Harley rake
    Harley rake in action

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