New Year - New Look: A Fresh Design and Better Online Experience at

New Year - New Look: A Fresh Design and Better Online Experience at

Posted by Jorden on 27th Jan 2016

Welcome back to,

If you haven't been here before then you wouldn't notice any changes and are hopefully liking what to you is a fresh looking design of our compact equipment and attachment tool website store. 

***Please Note: We are working tirelessly to offer the ultimate experience with this new design, please be patient if you are having difficulty finding something or are experiencing technical difficulty. Use our live chat portal if you need assistance and someone will respond speedily or go ahead and call us and a representative will gladly assist you with any inquiry. Our site may be down at times for maintenance, we apologize for any inconvenience.

We've been online for 20 years and have gone through the process of redesigning our website too many times to count. Sometimes we redesign simply because devices and web browsers are changing and we have to stay with the times and other times its because we are growing out of a website structure and need to offer something better for our customers. We think for those customers of ours who have been sticking by our side for all these years will notice it has been a mix of both and will also notice we have a lot more to offer.

New Updates:

1. The most obvious change is to the menu. Instead of just an attachment menu being visible from every page, we've created a menu system that takes through our product line by machine. If you have an excavator and are looking for compatible products, you are going to click there and find banners and menus for whatever you need. The same goes for all other machine types and the compatible products we offer. We believe that you can now find, purchase and we will deliver Skid Steer Attachments, Excavator Attachments and Mini Skid Steer Attachments faster at

2. We are offering Telehandler products as of early to mid February 2016.

3. We are welcoming many new brands of products, including Virnig Mfg. spring line of attachments. Coming in mid February.

4. Have a question? Ask us via LiveChat or directly on the product page via our NEW Questions and Answers plus Reviews application visible on every product.

5. Ever wondered why you weren't getting loyalty points or more rewards for purchasing with us over and over again. We always send swag with attachment orders and some other goodies as well, so maybe you weren't really wondering because we take great care of our customers, but still... Where are the loyalty points! As of February 2016 and maybe a little earlier, when you easily register an account at you will get SSS Points just for joining and 1 SSS Point for every USD spent with us. Check out the "My Rewards" tab on the bottom left of your screen.

6. Coming soon ...

7. Coming soon ...

8. Coming soon ...

9. Coming soon ...

10. Coming soon ...

More developments to come!

Please get in touch with us if you are having issues of any kind or would like to speak with a representative about a product you saw online. Call: 866-966-2538 or Live Chat!

Thank you for choosing