The Dragon Tail Log Grappling Forestry Device that Turns your Track Loader into a Tree Hauling machine!

The Dragon Tail Log Grappling Forestry Device that Turns your Track Loader into a Tree Hauling machine!

Posted by Jorden Leib on 12th Jul 2017

You've read the title and are asking yourselves... Well, who knows what your mind has conjured up. Just watch the video below to get acquainted with a pretty revolutionary device. The Dragon Tail Log Grappling Forestry System.


Dragon Tail Grapple System Video

The Dragon Tail isn't just your average  skid steer grapple attachment. The Dragon Tail articulating/log hauling grapple system is a rotating/articulating grapple that you'd find on excavators and the front of skid steers, but mounted on the boom arm of the M-Series Bobcat.

How does the Dragon Tail work?

As unsure as we are about what this madman had in mind when he came up with this beautifully innovative tool, we're equally as sure that he is onto something. This attachment not for everybody (Internet trolls go to rest), but for someone cutting trees day in an day out, and who has to be able to do so efficiently as well as get into tight places. The Bobcat M-Series machines have the power to haul a heavy load and the weight to stay balanced, but of course there are many questions to be asked.

Gragon Tail Grapple System

Question and Answers

From the Inventor: Jeff Karshner

How does it Mount?

 1"1/2 long 7/8 stud welded on top of boom....and a 1"1/8 hole on the side with a 1" nut welded on the inside of boomThe nut is pretty easy to weld going through the back where all your hydraulics go into the boom.

Does it make your machine tipsy?

Not at all. It distributes the weight over the back half of the machine nicely. It does take away from the severity of hill you can climb but its a very small percentage....if your machine will climb a 45 degree hill you might lose 3 percent giving you a 42 degree hill you climb with the dragon tail.

How much can it hold or drag?

If it will fit in the 42" grapple it will pull it. Generally I tend to cut three 14" to 16" trees and pile them, then I will grab them and skid them to the processing deck. For smaller stuff that gets skid to the chipper i just make a wad and then grab and go.

Will it fit other machines?

No it wont. The Dragon Tail is designed for any 700 series Bobcat tracked or wheeled machine. A new design is coming soon that will address other brands and machines.

Does it put a lot of stress on the boom?

The load calc is less strain than what a normal bucket puts on the boom.

Dragon Tail Installation

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