The Arrowhead Rock Drill Facility in Barstow, California

The Arrowhead Rock Drill Facility in Barstow, California

Posted by Jorden Leib on 12th Feb 2018

Who is Arrowhead Rockdrill?

It's a known fact that Arrowhead Rockdrill makes some of the industries most reliable concrete breaker attachments. They've been a supplier with Skid Steer Solutions for years and that's because they keep our customers happy with a product that is easy to maintain, simple to operate and the provides performance that can't be beat.

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The Skid Steer Concrete BreakerProduced in partnership with Arrowhead Rockdrill USA

Arrowhead's Concrete Breakers for Skid Steer and CTL loaders feature a few key benefits. Number 1, and the most important, is the enclosed housing. If you're going to buy a concrete breaker, the top feature you should first consider is the housing. If the housing isn't enclosed, then run. Run far, far away. Think about it. You're breaking up concrete. And concrete is extremely tough. If the manufacturer is too cheap, or expects you to be cheap and believe that two plates with rods is going to hold together, then you're probably not being sold a reliable attachment. Always consider the work load you will be placing on your concrete breaker attachment. When used properly and maintained regularly, a properly manufactured and housed concrete breaker tool will not need any attention. 

The Number 2 benefit: How easy Arrowhead's products are to maintain and fix should maintenance be required. Your concrete breaker is going to need a recharge of nitrogen, and it's always going to need a new seal or fitting after a couple of years. With this system, the valve can be removed and the seals replaced without even losing a charge. This feature and simplicity in the design is completely unique to Arrowhead Rockdrill Concrete breaker attachments.

Number 3: The Driving Mechanism. Watch the video below and learn more about the driving mechanism.

Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachments
Your bushings and pins shouldn't need anymore abuse from a concrete breaker that doesn't absorb impact energy from the tools it carries. Arrowhead understands this and utilizes a suppression dampening system. Learn more in the video below.

Watch an Arrowhead Concrete Breaker Attachment remove a Driveway
Rob and a cameraman take the R65S Concrete Attachment out to a real job site to see how it will perform. Follow along and see what they learn. (Video published in 2016)

The R65S Concrete Breaker Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders

Thanks for reading up on Concrete Breaker attachments, please call us at 866-966-2538 if you wish to purchase any concrete breaker found on our site. We're here to help our customers find the right reliable tool to get the job done.

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