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Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Attachment | Arrowhead

Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Attachment | Arrowhead

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Arrowhead Rockdrill Skid Steer Concrete Breaker

The Arrowhead Hydraulic Concrete Breakers for skid steers is ideal for heavy industrial work such as breaking up tough concrete slabs, rough patch work of cement, and tearing up any kind of cement or concrete that you may need to remove. 

What can be said about skid steer breakers?  There are so many to choose from in the market today that it baffles the mind. They all make the same claims as far as how heavy duty their breakers are. Skid Steer Solutions discovered a long time ago the industries dirty little secret.  Most claims are based on theoretical numbers and not actual measured outputs of the devices. After all, who is going to check? Well we did. We went through several manufacturers and found only one that we could trust. Arrowhead Rockdrill Company is a company that has been in the business for decades. They developed an excellent reputation for the highest quality breakers. Skid Steer Solutions has also been in business for decades. We have a reputation for providing quality products.  

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Many of the breakers out there are repackaged from off-shore sources. Need parts? Need service? These manufacturers come and go so often you are lucky to find anyone that knows a thing about the product. Ever wondered how some of the breakers that claim to be a certain rating have smaller tools than ours? How can you put out so much power but have a small tool? Do you have a magic tool that can withstand those incredible forces that your breaker puts out? Nope. It's just smoke and mirrors. So in the end, what is the difference?

Here is your difference. If you look at all breakers, they all look the same and are designed to do the same thing. The difference is who builds them and who sells them. You want to deal with companies that stand behind their products, offer parts and service any time and on any day of the week. Arrowhead is an international company that proudly puts their name on their products.  Ask our competitors who's breaker they are actually selling you and you will hear a pause. No pauses here at Skid Steer Solutions. Just great breakers with incredible service.


  • Lower maintenance, with a boltless mounting system.
  • Vibro-silencing reduces total operator & carrier machine vibration exposure.
  • A high quality, modern hammer at a surprisingly low price.
  • Lower guaranteed sound power levels.
  • Tools that are sized for the power rating of the breaker, usually bigger than any competitors.

Concrete Breaker Model Specifications


Max Energy Per Blow:
600 ft. lbs.
Required Flow:
4-26 GPM
Operating Pressure:
1300 - 1800 PSI
Blows Per Minute:
Tool Diameter:
1.6" - 3"
Overall Length:
Working Weight:
168 - 880lbs
Guaranteed Sound Power:
112 - 121 dB
Carrier Weight:
1560 - 18700lbs

Product Videos

Arrowhead R65S Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer Loaders Product Informational 02:36
  • Arrowhead R65S Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer Loaders Product Informational
    Watch as Rob from gives us a thorough overview and demonstration of Arrowhead Rock Drills New R65S Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer Loaders. This item is heavily bolted on, but can be mounted on excavators and backhoes with the correct mount. Learn More Here:
  • Complete Concrete Driveway Removal Using a Skid Steer conducts a complete driveway removal using just a Berlon HD Bucket and an Arrowhead Concrete Breaker Attachment. Watch this in-depth video on how the project went and what happened a long the way. More Info! Concrete Breaker: Skid Steer HD Buckets:
  • Slo-Mo of Skid Steer Concrete Breaker demonstrates one of Arrowhead Rockdrill's concrete breakers with a touch of slo-mo.
  • Arrowhead Rockdrill Skid Steer Breaker Attachments | Factory Walkthrough
    Rob from visits the Arrowhead Rockdrill USA facility in Barstow, CA to learn more about their products, and show how incredibly well built their breaker systems are. For this video, Rob discusses the advantages of the Skid Steer mounted breaker series from Arrowhead. Here's a fun factory tour video we made of one section of the USA Plant: To learn more and get pricing, visit our website: To see it in action, check out the popular video links below: Driveway Removal Demo: R65S Arrowhead Breaker: Cool Slow-Mo Video! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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