Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Attachments

Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Attachments

Posted by Kyle Davis on 31st May 2018

Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Attachments for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers

Another day, another exciting new addition to our Skid Steer Solutions catalog. This time we're proud to announce our partnership with Vacuworx, and innovative and technologically advanced company, currently pushing the limits of what is possible with our machines. These incredible Vacuum Lifting Attachments from Vacuworx feature technology that will transform the way you move and transport concrete and other heavy materials with your skid steer loader. Move concrete, complete sidewalk work, transport marble, granite, glass, heavy plastic, and much more, all with the utmost safety and security. Vacuworx boasts an incredible safety record, with strong and reliable tools that allow you to use machines in applications where it's unsafe for humans to get involved. This safety, combined with unmatched lifting capabilities and increased jobsite efficiency, is what sets Vacuworx apart. Check out our exclusive video and photos, and read on to learn more about this line of skid steer and mini skid steer vacuum lifting attachments.



Vacuworx leverages industry-leading technology to provide a concrete and material lifting attachment that is both lightweight and extremely strong. The light weight of these tools is a key feature, as it allows for some serious lifting capabilities to be harnessed by your machine, all without affecting the true lift capacity of your loader. The result is an efficient attachment, with three models available, with a maximum lifting capacity of 6,600 pounds when fully featured. Let's take a look what makes Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting such a safe and efficient material transporting method, and the run down the key features and benefits of each Vacuworx model.


Benefits of Vacuum Lifting with Vacuworx

Vacuum Lifting offers equipment operators and construction crews a safer and more effective method to move heavy materials such as concrete, slabs, granite, marble, glass, heavy plastic, and much more. Utilizing a Vacuworx Attachment means the elimination of cumbersome chains, hooks and sling, as well as more efficient lifting and operation. The simple lift, transport, place and repeat method offered by Vacuworx products can increase speed and productivity across the board. Move things quicker, complete jobs faster, and make more money with Vacuworx.

Vacuum sealing creates a powerful engagement of the load and can lift material without displacing adjacent pieces. All Vacuworx models come with patented Tough Seal technology standard on all vacuum pads. Tough Seal provides a more durable lifting seal, capable of handling extreme temperatures, tough applications, as well as moderately dirty and uneven surfaces. Prioritize worker safety and efficiency with Vacuworx Attachments and your Mini Skid Steer or Full-Size Skid Steer machine. 


Vacuworx PS 1 Vacuum Lifting Attachment

Mini Skid Steer and Portable Models

Vacuworx PS 1 Vacuum Lifting Attachment

The PS 1 is the smallest, most compact, and most portable option in the Vacuworx line. The smaller size results in the lowest lifting capacity of the three, but the portable nature of the PS 1 makes it a very handy tool for Mini Skid Steer owners, as well as owners of additional small equipment, and can even be coupled with a PS 1 Lifting Dolly for a completely stand-alone lifting unit. The PS 1 features a lifting capacity up to 1,1654 when mounted on a mini skid steer loader or similar compact machine. When coupled with the Lift Dolly, the lift capacity is 600 pounds. Both of these lift capacities rely on using the largest available vacuum pad size of 16" x 16". Additional vacuum pad sizes include 8" x 12" and 12" x 16". Customers have the option of purchasing additional pads and pad sizes to add even more versatility to the PS 1. 

The PS 1 is powered by a 12 volt, fully rechargeable battery, with an approximate run time of 8 hours on a full charge. With no power source needed, the modular design of the PS 1 allows it to be used on just about any machine, with the ability to mix and match, moving the PS 1 around as the operator desires. The PS 1 has a 3' maximum lifting height recommended. The PS 1 is designed for material handling close to the ground, and can even be utilized indoors for material and countertop transport. The small profile of the PS 1 makes it a useful tool in tight spaces and home remodels where larger machines are too bulky or unsafe. If you need to move heavy materials, but also retain some precision and finesse, the PS 1 is a great option.

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Vacuworx SL 2 Vacuum Lifting Attachment

Mini Skid Steer and Full-Size Skid Steer Models

Vacuworx SL 2 Skid Steer Lifting Attachment

The SL 2 model from Vacuworx is the mid-range model in their fleet. The SL 2 can be purchased with a universal mount for either a standard full-size skid steer loader, or a mini skid steer. Different from the other two available models, the SL 2 comes with only one size vacuum pad available, at 24" x 24". This pad can provide p to 2,700 pounds of lift capacity, and requires a minimum of 10 GPM of hydraulic flow from the host machine in order to provide peak operation. The all aluminum construction of the SL 2 keeps the attachment very lightweight, while still maintaining the toughness required to lift concrete, marble, granite, glass, and more. The SL 2 can also be easily paired with small excavators and backhoes using and integrated clevis hook connection. 

An added option for the SL 2 is the addition of a wireless remote control. This option includes the remote, two rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. The remote allows an operator to leave the host machine and still maintain control of the attachment. This option provides more simplicity to machine owners, as it eliminates the need to have a manual control installed into your machine, and in the process, eliminating related wires and hoses. The wireless system also offers greater range of motion and easier compatibility with additional machines.

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Vacuworx CM 3 Vacuum Lifting Attachment

Full-Size Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Model

Vacuworx CM 3 Skid Steer Vacuum Lifting Attachment

The largest Skid Steer unit available from Vacuworx, the CM 3 showcases an obvious advantage over the two smaller options - the ability to harness two individual vacuum pads with substantially wider lifting dimensions. The CM 3 can be selected with the standard single beam pad assembly, this gives the more typical single pad lifting and transport. Pad sizes are 24" x 24", 30" x 30", 36" x 36". The dual pad assembly option takes things a step further with a spreader bar that can adjust from 61" to 85" (outside-to-outside) and accommodate two vacuum pads of the same size. Combine two pads together, widen the attachment's reach, and add even more lifting power to the CM 3. This feature is awesome for large and heavy sheets of delicate glass, heavy steel plates, and many other rectangular materials that require heavy-duty lifting power.

At full strength, with dual 36" x 36" pads, the CM 3 is capable of lifting up to 6,600 pounds. It can also be outfitted with Vacuworx's wireless remote control. For operators looking for the totally optimized, maximum strength Vacuworx operation, with increased material dimension capacity, the CM 3 is the top-shelf option that will get the job done quickly, safely, and reliabily. 

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Vacuworx Applications and Industries

Vacuworks offers safer, more efficient, and just plain better material handling solutions for a wide range of industries. Vacuworx wants equipment operators and construction crews to upgrade their material handling operations, stop handling pipe, slabs and plates in old, out-dated methods, and increase productivity across the board.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and Sewer
  • Highway and Heavy Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential Construction and Remodels

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