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PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System | Vacuworx

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PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System | Vacuworx

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Vacuworx PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System

The PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx features incredible vacuum lifting technology that increases jobsite safety and worker productivity. Reduce downtime and eliminate man hours thanks to this Vacuworx innovation. The PS 1 comes as a fully portable unit, powered by a rechargeable battery, and not reliant on any outside power source. The PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting system is ideal for mini loaders, forklifts and cranes, and can also be outfitted with the PS 1 Lift Dolly as a fully integrated system.

Benefits of Vacuum Lifting

Vacuum Lifting is a safer and more time effective lifting solution when compared to traditional methods. Cut down on cumbersome chains, hooks and slings, reduce downtime between lifts, and keep your workers safe and productive. Vacuum sealing creates a powerful engagement of the load and can lift material without displacing adjacent pieces. Prioritize worker safety with Vacuworx, and send machines and attachments into areas where people should stay away.

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  • Optional: Select Additional Vacuum Pad
  • Optional: Select PS 1 Lift Dolly (600 Pound Lift Capacity)

Vacuum Pad Tough Seal

On all Vacuworx units, Tough Seal pad seal is included standard. Tough Seal is designed to withstand tough applications and extreme temperatures. Tough Seal is chemically and mechanically stronger than traditional seals for increased safety. Tough Seal protects materials, eliminating metal contact with the ability to vacuum to dirty or somewhat uneven surfaces. 


  • Lift concrete, granite, marble, metal, steel, iron, and thick plastic materials
  • 3' maximum recommended lifting height -  designed for material handling close to the ground
  • Completely portable for use on small loaders, tractors, forklifts and cranes
  • Available Dolly Lift for fully contained lifting system
  • Up to 1,654 lifting capacity with 16" x 16" pad
  • Designed for both interior and exterior applications
  • Compact and versatile for interior applications that require precision
  • Powered by a 12 volt, rechargeable battery
  • 8 hours of approximate runtime
  • No power source needed
  • Fully supported parts and accessories

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Vacuworx Applications and Industries

  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and Sewer
  • Highway and Heavy Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential Construction and Remodels


  • PS 1 Unit Weight: 25 Pounds
  • PS 1 Dolly Lift Capacity: 600 Pounds
  • 8" x 12" Pad Lift Capacity: 693 Pounds
  • 8" x 12" Pad Weight: 25 Pounds
  • 12" x 16" Pad Lift Capacity: 1,276 Pounds
  • 12" x 16" Pad Weight: 36 Pounds
  • 16" x 16" Pad Lift Capacity: 1,654 Pounds
  • 16" x 16" Pad Weight: 45 pounds
PS 1 Unit Weight:
25 Pounds
PS 1 Dolly Lift Capacity:
600 Pounds
8" x 12" Pad Lift Capacity:
693 Pounds
8" x 12" Pad Weight:
25 Pounds
12" x 16" Pad Lift Capacity:
1,276 Pounds
12" x 16" Pad Weight:
36 Pounds
16" x 16" Pad Lift Capacity:
1,654 Pounds
16" x 16" Pad Weight:
45 pounds

Product Videos

Vacuworx PS 1 Operation Video HD 720p 01:50
  • Vacuworx PS 1 Operation Video HD 720p The Vacuworx PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System is the perfect solution for smaller lifting challenges that come up daily on jobsites or in the shop. Designed for interior and exterior applications, the patent pending PS 1 can lift up to 1,500 lb (0.7 tonne) and is a great companion to small equipment such as mini skid steers, skid steers, mini excavators, forklifts and small cranes.
  • Vacuworx Skid Steer Vacuum Lifting Attachments | Product Overview
    Vacuworx manufacturers industry-leading Vacuum Lifting Attachments for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Skid Steers. Featuring cutting-edge technology and innovation, these lightweight yet rugged tools excel at concrete lifting and transport, as well as lifting marble, granite, metal, steel, iron, thick plastic, and much more. Vacuum Lifting with your machine can cut down on cumbersome and time consuming methods of the past, all while increasing jobsite safety and efficiency. Check out the video above to see the SL 2 and the CM 3 in action, and to learn more about what these amazing attachments can bring to your next job. Shop All Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Attachments. Units available for Skid Steer Loaders, Mini Skid Steers, as well as a stand-alone, portable option: Shop the SL 2 Skid Steer Attachment: Shop the CM 3 Skid Steer Attachment:
  • Applications and Advantages of the Vacuworx PS 1 Vacuum Lifter
    During World of Concrete 2018, Randy Hayes, Vacuworx, discusses the applications and advantages of the PS 1 vacuum lifter, including the ability to lift more, and more safely, with fewer people. Learn more at

Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 1-Year Limited NO-HASSLE Warranty on all attachment products and their accessories purchased from our website, please visit our warranty page for full details. Our warranty on parts and wear parts is dependent upon the manufacturer's warranty. Please visit our warranty page for more information. To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details.

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