Skid Steer Post Driver Prototypes from Eterra​

Skid Steer Post Driver Prototypes from Eterra​

Posted by Kyle Davis on 11th Jul 2018

New Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment Prototypes from Eterra

The long line of Eterra Post Drivers for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Excavators will soon grow even longer to include additional models. Building upon the historical success of older models such as the PD-550, PD-750, BPD-750 and BPD-1250 (click here for a full breakdown of this previous models), and evolving from the current industry-leader, the PDX-750 Breaker Style Post Driver, Eterra has now launched prototypes for the PDX-1250, the PDX-750-E, as well as brand new integrated grapple designs. Check out the video below to see these new Post Drivers in action. While these are prototypes, they will soon be available for sale, and here at Skid Steer Solutions, we couldn't be more excited to get these in the hands of our customers.



E-Series Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment

.right angled view of a skid steer parked on grass with an eterra skid steer pdx post driver attachment on the front

As you can see from the video, Rob is out on the property testing these brand new Post Driver offerings. First up is the PDX-750-E, the economy offering of the PDX line. The 750-E is a no nonsense, no frills, but it sure can pound a post. In the video you'll see a flat 8" post drive into the ground with ease. Effective, powerful, and super easy to use. A great combination of features for compact equipment operators and fencing professionals!


PDX-750 Skid Steer Post Driver with Integrated Grapple and Tilt

Next up in the video we have the PDX-750, loaded up with tilt functionality, as well as with the brand new integrated grapple. Now operators can pick up a large bundle of posts, move them to where the work is going to be done, dump the load, then grab each individual post and start the post into the ground for pounding. Angling is also available to get the post properly level and plumb, even on uneven terrain. A total one-man operation. A pretty awesome innovation, adding more features to the already loaded PDX-750 Post Driver. Rob was certainly impressed with the ease of the one-man operation with the new and improved PDX-750. As an added bonus, the integrated grapple can also be used to grab, pull and remove old posts from the ground.


PDX-1250 Skid Steer Post Driver Attachment

left angled view of a skid steer parked on grass with an eterra skid steer pdx post driver attachment mounted on the front

The PDX-1250 is the latest, and largest Breaker Style Post Driver. When you watch the video you can hear the power coming out of the housing of the attachment. Watch the post drive into the ground and witness the power and vibration in the soil as the post drives into the hard-packed terrain. The PDX-1250 is a prime example of why we love what we do here at Skid Steer Solutions. We are innovators and operators at heart, so when given the chance to test out a new product and experience a successful prototype launch, we get really excited to have yet another proven tool that we can offer to our customers.

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The video and pictures you've seen of the new Eterra Post Driver Attachments all feature prototype models, but these units will soon be for sale to our customers and the public. Keep your eyes on this space, on Skid Steer Solutions, and also check your email inbox and our social media channels to stay up to date on the official launch of these new Post Driver Attachments. If you have any further questions, or would like to be first in line to order one of these units, please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-966-2538. 

split image displaying the eterra skid steer post driver standing alone on grass on the left with a grapple, on the right without a grapple

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