Mow-tivated to save? Get up to $2000 off with Promotional Pricing on Eterra Mowers

Mow-tivated to save? Get up to $2000 off with Promotional Pricing on Eterra Mowers

Posted by Hailey Miller on 16th Jun 2023

Starting from June 15th, 2023, Eterra Attachments announced special promotional pricing on a limited supply of highly sought-after 2022-2023 mower attachments. This exclusive price adjustment is their way of ensuring that you can experience the same exceptional quality and value from their mower attachments at a more accessible price point. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your equipment while enjoying significant savings!

Explore the Pricing Changes: Here's a breakdown of the incredible price adjustments  offered on their top mower attachments. Take a look at the savings you can enjoy when you seize this limited-time promotional offer:

  • EX-30M Excavator Brush Mower: Experience the power and versatility of the EX-30M Excavator Brush Mower. With its robust construction and precision engineering, this attachment effortlessly tackles overgrown vegetation, shrubs, and small trees. Its unique design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, making it perfect for landscaping projects or clearing overgrown areas. Previously priced at $10,695.00, you can now save $1,345 and own this incredible attachment for just $9,350.00.

  • EX-30 Excavator Brush Mower: Unleash the full potential of your excavator with the EX-30 Excavator Brush Mower. Built to withstand demanding conditions, this attachment effortlessly cuts through thick vegetation, delivering unmatched performance and efficiency. Whether you're tackling dense underbrush or overgrown fields, the EX-30 ensures exceptional results every time. Previously priced at $11,195.00, you can now save $1,345 and acquire this impressive attachment for only $9,850.00.
  • EX-40 Excavator Brush Mower: When it comes to tackling heavy-duty brush and challenging terrains, the EX-40 Excavator Brush Mower excels. This powerhouse attachment effortlessly handles larger vegetation and thick brush, delivering superior cutting performance. With its rugged construction and advanced features, the EX-40 is the perfect choice for professional landscapers and contractors seeking exceptional reliability and productivity. Previously priced at $12,995.00, you can now save $2,145 and make it yours for just $10,850.00.
  • 48" Cyclone Rotary Cutter: Conquer even the toughest cutting tasks with the 48" Cyclone Rotary Cutter. This high-performance attachment is designed to handle thick grass, weeds, and light brush with ease. Its heavy-duty build ensures durability, while the 3/8" x 3" cutting edge guarantees precise and efficient cutting performance. Previously priced at $12,695.00, you can now save $2,545 and secure this exceptional attachment for only $10,150.00.

60" Cyclone

  • 60" Cyclone Rotary Cutter: For larger-scale cutting applications, the 60" Cyclone Rotary Cutter is the perfect choice. With its wider cutting width, this attachment allows you to cover more ground in less time, maximizing your productivity. From maintaining vast fields to clearing vegetation in open spaces, the 60" Cyclone Rotary Cutter delivers outstanding results. Previously priced at $16,995.00, you can now save $3,545 and own this remarkable attachment for just $13,450.00.
  • 60" Typhoon: Harness exceptional cutting performance with the Typhoon 60" Flail Mower. This versatile attachment excels in a wide range of applications, from maintaining parks and recreational areas to clearing heavy vegetation. Its innovative flail design ensures efficient cutting and mulching, providing a clean and professional finish. Previously priced at $15,495.00, you can now save $1,845 and make it yours for only $13,650.00.


  • 74" Typhoon: Tackle challenging terrain and heavy-duty vegetation with the Typhoon 74" Flail Mower. Built to handle the toughest cutting tasks, this attachment delivers outstanding performance and durability. With its wider cutting width and robust construction, the Typhoon 74" is the perfect companion for demanding landscaping and land-clearing projects. Previously priced at $16,995.00, you can now save $2,045 and acquire this exceptional attachment for just $14,950.0
  • Mini Sidewinder 36": For efficient and precise cutting, the Sidewinder 36" Mini Flail Mower is the ultimate attachment for your mini skid steer. Designed to handle various terrains and vegetation types, this compact yet powerful attachment ensures exceptional results. Whether you're maintaining parks, golf courses, or roadside areas, the Sidewinder 36" delivers superior performance and versatility. Previously priced at $8,995.00, you can now save $1,545 and add this remarkable attachment to your collection for only $7,450.00.

How to Take Advantage: To take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and acquire these top mower attachments at promotional pricing simply check out on your own device online or give us a call at 866-966-2538. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the seamless purchasing process. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your equipment inventory while saving thousands of dollars.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your equipment and maximize your productivity with our limited-time promotional pricing on these top mower attachments. Seize this opportunity to own high-quality, performance-driven attachments at more accessible prices. Act fast, as this exclusive offer won't last forever! Reach out to us today by phone or buy online to secure your preferred attachments and unlock a world of possibilities for your operations. We look forward to assisting you and helping you achieve exceptional results with these outstanding mower attachments!