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Excavator Auger Attachment | Blue Diamond

Excavator Auger Attachment | Blue Diamond

260.00 LBS
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Blue Diamond Excavator Auger Attachment

The Blue Diamond Excavator Auger is an extremely durable attachment, with a huge selection of machine specific mounts available. Couple this heavy-duty attachment with the reach of your machine, and take on applications smaller machines can't handle. A wide range of motor and bit options make the Blue Diamond Excavator Auger easy to optimize for any job. The Dual-swing mount of this auger keeps the drive vertical, no matter where your machine is positioned. Take advantage of this versatility and customization, and go to work with confidence knowing Blue Diamond has a well earned reputation for quality, backed by a 6-year warranty.

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  • Select Excavator Drive Mount with Cradle or Select No Mount - Drive Only
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  • Please include your machine's make and model during checkout to ensure proper mounting
  • If you need a Mount that isn't listed, please select "Other Mount" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)
  • If you want to build your own Mount, please select "Other Mount" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)


  • High torque planetary drive
  • 2" Hex Shaft
  • 6-Year warranty furnished by Blue Diamond Attachments
  • Extremely heavy duty housing
  • Increased reach and application combined with your compact or mini excavator
  • Wide range of machine specific mounts available
  • Dual-swing mounting keeps the drive vertical regardless of machine position
  • Wide range of bits available for all applications
  • Great for the installation of utility poles, guard rail posts, pole barns, fence posts, piers and more

Blue Diamond Excavator Auger Bits Available (Click for Details)


  • 600 Model Flow Range: 6-15 GPM
  • 600 Model Max Bit: 24"
  • 1000 Model Flow Range: 10-25 GPM
  • 1000 Model Max Bit: 30"
  • 1500 Model Flow Range: 15-30 GPM
  • 1500 Model Max Bit: 36"
  • 2000 Model Flow Range: 20-35 GPM
  • 2000 Model Max Bit: 36"
  • 2500 Model Flow Range: 25-45 GPM
  • 2500 Model Max Bit: 48"
  • 3000 Model Flow Range: 30-60 GPM
  • 3000 Model Max Bit: 48"
600 Model Flow Range:
6-15 GPM
600 Model Max Bit:
1000 Model Max Bit:
1500 Model Max Bit:
2000 Model Max Bit:
2500 Model Max Bit:
3000 Model Max Bit:
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