What solution is Jason so impressed with?

What solution is Jason so impressed with?

Posted by Jorden on 24th Mar 2015

Hello and welcome to our Solutions blog!

If you are new to the Skid Steer Solutions site,  and if you haven't realized, we aren't new to the industry and have had this site up and running since 1998. We are a manufacturer, a supplier, a help desk, a team of innovators and passion driven organization that works to provide Skid Steer and compact equipment operators with solutions for their machine applications. So what is one of our customers, Jason, so impressed with?

The Eterra 3-Point Adapter

This attachment was one of our first products ever innovated, designed and made in our first home-based shop in Bellingham, Washington. It's been almost 20 years since the first design was released and it has only been only uphill for this product since then. Use any 3-point tractor attachment compatible with your machines flow or lifting specs and you will realize that this adapter didn't cost you money, it instead saved you thousands in attachment expenses. 

Even with new motors and a few minor changes to the adapter, the design has stayed true through out the years and as they say, if it isn't broken... don't fix it. This is why Jason is so pleased with his Eterra 3-Point Adapter and here is what he had to say:

"Impressed straight out of the delivery truck! Fit my JD CT332 like a glove and makes it much more versatile! have used it to move 1500lb. round bails and used it to make a work platform out of the bail mover. I hooked up the hydraulics to test the pump but I don't have an attachment to give it a proper check out. So more to come on that. Overall i'm happy I made the choice the purchase and I am looking forward to putting it through it's paces!" - Jason

To learn more, click here: https://www.skidsteersolutions.com/skid-steer-atta...

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