The Summer's Hottest Attachment: The Eterra Beach Master -- Skid Steer Mounted Beach Cleaner and Screener

Posted by Maranda Wilson on 25th Aug 2016

The Eterra Beach Master: Skid Steer Beach and Arena Cleaning and Screening Attachment

The first of its kind in North America, the Eterra Beach Master is another innovation from Eterra Attachments, LLC. This attachment simplifies the three different steps in the clearing of beaches — the collecting of debris, the transporting of debris, and the levelling of sand — into one seamless step. The front facing and forward moving mount allows operators to focus on what will be cleared, rather than straining their necks to wonder what was just cleared.

The typical topsoil screener (or the "sandboni") relies on dragging — a technique Eterra Attachments avoids because of its likelihood to damage the machinery in the longterm. A front facing mount is far superior because the attachment’s design proves it can withstand the force of the machinery pushing forward against the attachment. By contrast, dragging only works when the attachment acts as “dead weight”.

The features of this mobile screener's design includes adapting to both wet or dry sand conditions, as well as being able to pick up items as small as a cigarette butt. This piece of beach tech comes with two vibrating screens: one designed for finer beaches and the other for courser beaches, which can be individually installed by unscrewing the two fastening knobs. The hydraulic system controls both the depth settings of the screen and the opening/closing of the hopper where the collected materials are stored. The hopper is self contained and the dumping of materials can be operated from inside the cab with the built-in cylinders and control valve. The cleaners high lift capability means that materials can be moved straight from the hopper into a dump truck. Do not let the Beach Master’s size (weighing in at a whopping 1,600 lbs) give the impression that it lacks precision and speed; when properly fitted to a compatible skid steer, it effortlessly clears about 16,000 square feet per hour.

"We specifically target the tractor operators with this attachment because they are the people with the sore necks. They are having to look behind while they work just so they can make sure their drag their attachment is doing what is supposed to. With a skid steer beach cleaner, you can see where you are going and what you are doing and have a tremendous amount of control and maneuverability. Once you fill the generous sized hopper you can easily dump it without ever getting off the machine. The on-the-fly (cab operated) flywheel adjustment is a treat. You can target specific areas with a deep screening or less as needed. For areas with a lot of larger material, you can quickly change screen sizes and get the job done fast or start with a grabble to clear the large branches/logs first. We are excited to be the first to offer a standalone Beach Cleaner attachment in North America and under the Eterra Attachments name.” -- Robert Leib, President

The days of contracting a clean-up crew after large public events on the beach are now over with the Beach Master.

Features and Benefits:

  • A cost effective solution to beach cleaning compared to a dedicated machine.
  • Collect small debris easily.
  • Great for resorts, private beaches, playground maintenance, sports fields, and race tracks.
  • Compact enough to reach small areas.
  • Hydraulically controlled depth setting.
  • Hydraulic dumping hopper.
  • Sealed self lubricating bearings.
  • Quick and easy to attach.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Control systems available for all major skid steer & compact track loaders including Bobcat 7 pin control.
  • 2 screens supplied for fine and course beaches.
  • •Ready to run on any skid steer able to lift 2500 lbs or more.

    The Controls:

    Note: The Beach Master requires 5 electric control buttons to operate. One must be latching, so in some cases, the machine may need a control box, “Super Controller.” or remote system.

    1: Motor on/off

    Controls the vibrating screen to sift through the debris in the sand.

    2/3: Wheels up/down

    Allows the depth of screen to be set in order to maintain a perfect beach look.

    4/5: Hopper open/close

    Opens and closes the back of the hopper to dispose of the material as needed.

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