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Beach Master Skid Steer Beach Cleaner | Eterra

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Eterra Beach Master Skid Steer Mounted Beach Cleaner and Screener

Another first for Eterra. The one and only Beach Master skid steer beach cleaning attachment can only be found from Eterra. This is an amazing attachment that works incredibly well. This has been a badly needed product for any type of public or private beach. The quality of this product shines through as it is built skid steer tough. There are many types of screeners on the market today made for tractors. Because they are merely dragged through the sand, they are not built as strong as skid steer attachments. A skid steer attachment needs to be able to take a direct hit with the machine behind and not bend up and twist.  zthe beauty of a front mounted skid steer beach cleaner is the ability to watch where you are going and not constantly look behind you to see what you have done. Do away with the tractor and sit in your climate controlled cab, listening to music and running tough, reliable attachments. 

The Beach Master is ideal for wet or dry sand conditions and can pick up items as small as a cigarette butt. The cleaner's high lift capability and hydraulically controlled gate allows the operator to easily dump the hopper into a dump truck. With a capable skid steer attached the operator can easily clean 16000 sq. ft. per hour. Included with purchase is the Beach Master Drag Bar Finisher, for smoothing out the area and clearing away your tracks as you work.

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  • Select Electrical Configuration
  • The Beach Master requires 5 electric control buttons to operate, 1 has to be latching

Features and Benefits

  • A cost effective solution to beach cleaning compared to a dedicated machine
  • Collect small debris easily
  • Great for resorts, private beaches, playground maintenance, sports fields and race tracks
  • Compact enough to get into small areas
  • Hydraulically controlled depth setting
  • Hydraulic dumping hopper
  • Sealed self lubricating bearings
  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Easy to maintain
  • Control systems available for all major skid steer & compact track loaders including Bobcat 7 pin control
  • 2 screens supplied for fine and course beaches
  • Drag Bar Finisher included with purchase

The Beach Master ships complete and ready to run on any skid steer able to lift 2500 lbs. or more. It comes complete with a 3/4" minus and 1/2" minus screen. 

Beach Master Controls

  • Motor on/off - This drives the vibrating screen and allows you to clean your beach
  • Wheels Up/Down - This allows you to set a depth of screen and keep it accurate so you maintain a perfect beach look
  • Hopper Open/Close - This control allows you to open and close the back of the hopper so you can dump your material as needed


We know that not everyone has the same requirements, so we supply two different sizes of screens that are easy to change out in the field should the need arise.  Unscrew the two knobs located on the side of each screen on each side and easily slide the screens out for easy changeout. 


The hopper is self contained and can be hydraulically operated from inside the cab with the built in cylinders and control valve.

How To Use

Simply attach the Beach Master to your skid steer or compact track loader.  Attach the hydraulic lines and supplied wiring.  It is a good idea to pre-clear large debris first if you are doing your first cleaning or cleaning up after a storm.  After that you can easily run over the beach and pick up all of the fine materials with little difficulty.  The Beach Master will handle larger materials, but the hopper will fill up faster.  The preferred method is to remove the larger material and then fine clean with the Beach Master.  The more you use it, the faster you will get through the areas and make a beautiful finished beach that you will be proud of and your guests will love.

Beach Master Specifications


Screening Depth:
1600 lbs.
12V Electric Over Hydraulic
100 US Gallons
Oil Flow Required:
12 - 22 GPM
Recommended Tire Pressure:
30 PSI

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1 Year Parts and Labor via the Skid Steer Solutions standard guidelines.

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