The Effect of Proposed Steel Tariffs on the Skid Steer Industry


In response to fluctuating steel prices due to proposed new tariffs, many attachments found on Skid Steer Solutions will increase in price on or after May 15th. Read on to learn more about the proposed tariffs, and about how the Skid Steer and Attachment industry is responding. 

The entire Skid Steer Solutions team takes great care in providing the best product at the best prices. As manufacturers continue to confront steel price risks on a daily basis with the ongoing issues of potential tariffs, costs have continued to rise for these high quality American Made attachments. We’ve continued to do our best to keep our pricing level and fair to our customers despite the risks but as of May 15th, all Skid Steer Solutions customers will see an increase in pricing on many products from Skid Steer Solutions.


At Skid Steer Solutions, we want to earn your trust and make you a customer for life. That means we don't mislead our customers to stretch the truth in order to make a quick sale. We are launching this page in the spirit of informing our customers the best we can about the rising cost of steel and the uncertainty that currently exists in the steel market. After examining this page and considering your equipment purchases for 2018, if you still have any questions, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 1-866-966-2538. We will do our best to be completely honest and transparent about what we're seeing in the equipment and skid steer industry, and what we're learning from our partners and fellow vendors.


The heavy equipment, skid steer and attachment industry relies heavily on steel. While there are a great deal of vendors who use American-Made steel and manufacture American-Made and assembled products (many of them are available on our website), the overall uncertainty and price increases in the industry as a whole is bound to have an effect. The US currently import four times more steel than it exports, and so far, domestic companies are unsure if they will be able to handle an increased demand at a profitable margin. The end result is an industry that is still uncertain about the future, and one that is lacking hard numbers in order to make business decisions. When companies are uncertain, then the safest bet it to increase prices, play it safe, and wait and see. That seems to be the current trend in our industry.


So far, we're hearing much of the same from our partners and vendors. We've already increased price for a handful or products. Most increases have been modest so far, as no company wants to pass on increased costs and pricing to their customers. We work hard to provide a large catalog of trustworthy, durable and reliable attachments, and we honor the pricing guidelines and agreements we have in place with our suppliers. We are still in the process of receiving updating pricing information from many vendors, which is why we've highlighted May 15th as a significant date. At that time, we expect to implement many of the price increases that we are hearing about. Another major factor in the Mat 15th date is the information we have available to us from our sister company, Eterra Attachments. Eterra is doing everything they can to keep costs and prices down, but price increases are expected to be finalized and implemented on Skid Steer Solutions on May 15h.

We want to keep our loyal customers informed, and be transparent about the trends and information we're seeing in the industry. This is why we've shared this information with you. If you have large equipment purchases projected for 2018, now is the ideal time to buy before price increases go into effect. We're all hopeful for a positive resolution to this issue, and will do everything we can to offer the best, most competitive pricing we can to our customers, all backed by the best customer service and support in the business.