What Separates Brush Hound From The Pack?

What Separates Brush Hound From The Pack?

Posted by Ian Stewart on 8th Jul 2020

Ok, Brush Hound Excavator Forestry Attachments look sweet, but what really sets them apart? Let's dig into the details on these flail mowers and mulchers, or simply scroll down to check out the overview demo videos! 


Brush Hound Excavator Mulchers and Flail Mowers can fit on a huge range of machine sizes and hydraulic flows. The 2 mulcher models allow for operation on machines from 8,000 to 32,000 lbs, and flow ranges as low as 15 GPM. Their Flail Mowers also cater to machines as low as 8,000 lbs and 12 GPM flow, but the larger models can be run on excavators as large as 40,000 lbs and slice through trees up to 6" in diameter. 

With this range, Brush Hound has something for almost everyone, and will allow you to clear a variety of areas from fields to thick brush and small trees. Even the smaller models have serious cutting capacity. 

Shown above are the 30EX (left) and the 50EX-HD, the smallest and largest of the Flail Mower line. 


Brush Hound attachments are the product of over 4 decades of American manufacturing. When that much time is spent listening to customer feedback, developing and finding the best materials, and striving for greatness, you get a dependable product that GETS THE JOB DONE, no questions asked. Though there are undoubtedly good products that come from overseas, there's something special about 100% American made equipment.

Shown above are the 30EX-HD (left) and FX36.

Ready To Rock

Over the years, Brush Hound has gotten to know the operator pretty well, and they make these attachments to provide the best possible experience. Their attachments come ready to mount on your machine and use that day, and include mounts, hoses, couplers, and a thumb saddle on most models. They are over built to handle the abuse that operators will likely put them through (You know it's true), and the wear parts like mulcher teeth and blades are easily rotated, sharpened, or replaced. 

In other words, you don't have to baby these attachments, they will take care of you. Brush Hound has thought of everything.

Features overview and attachment demonstrations

View Pricing and More Details Here:

30EX Flail Mower

30EX-HD Flail Mower

40EX Flail Mower

40EX-HD Flail Mower

50EX-HD Flail Mower

FX26 Defender Mulcher

FX36 Defender Mulcher

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