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50EX HD Excavator Brush Flail Mower | Rockhound

50EX HD Excavator Brush Flail Mower | Rockhound

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1,670.00 LBS
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50EX HD Excavator Brush Flail Mower 

 If you're looking for a serious tree and brush clearing attachment, the 50EX HD Brush Flail Mower from Rockhound fits the bill. Designed to run on excavators between 22,000 and 40,000 pounds, the 50EX comes standard with a powerful Piston motor for these high-pressure and high-performing units. Take down medium-sized trees, brush, vegetation and more with a cutting capacity up to 6". Clear land with power and efficiency.

Recommended for machines between 22,000 - 40,000 pounds.

Designed to be heavy duty and tough, the 50 EX HD comes with premium features to ensure peak power and performance throughout the life of the attachment. Thumb saddle is included standard and features a serrated edge and grabbing power. The Tungsten shoe hammer increases cutting efficiency. High-Performance Cutter Drum offers optional power for tough tasks. The 50EX HD also places a premium on safety, having passed a number of durability and safety tests, including impact and vibration testing and exceeding SAEJ10001 standards. Please note that use of the standard fixed-displacement Piston Motor requires a case drain line.

True Shaft Technology

The 50EX HD features an electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs. This ensures straight shafts that are reliable, durable, and vibration-free.

Machine Specific Coupler Included With Purchase

Purchase of the 50EX HD Includes Universal Bolt on Mount and Machine Specific Coupler at no extra charge. Please enter your machine's make and model at checkout in order to ensure accuracy, or give us a call at 1-866-966-2538. 


  • Thumb saddle included standard
  • Thumb saddle allows operator to punch and pick up obstacles, logs and debris
  • Machine Specific Coupler included with purchase (please enter your machine make and model at check-out)
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers included with purchase
  • High performance cutter drum
  • True Shaft Technology
  • 5 Pound Hammers
  • Heavy-Duty, Single-Piece Frame
  • Bolt-On Chain Guards are easily replaceable if damaged
  • Tungsten shoe hammer
  • Wire proof bearing protectors to protect drive components
  • Exceeds SAEJ1001 safety standards
  • Composite dampener washer
  • Powerful Piston motor standard for high-pressure power units up to 5,000 PSI
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers included with purchase


  • Cutting Capacity: Maximum 6"
  • Hydraulic Flow Required: 30 GPM (minimum)
  • Set Auxiliary Pressure to 4900 PSI for use with Piston Motor
  • Case Drain Required
  • Number of Knives: 30 (2.25 pound)
  • Cutting Width: 50"
  • Overall Width: 80"
  • Weight: 1670 pounds
  • Overall weight may vary depending upon mount
Machine Weight:
22,000 - 40,000 pounds
Cutting Capacity:
Maximum 6"
Hydraulic Flow Required:
Minimum 30 GPM
1670 pounds
Number of Knives:
30 (2.25 pound)

Product Videos

RockHound 50EX Brush Shredder 01:41
  • RockHound 50EX Brush Shredder Destroy the most amount of brush, for the least amount of money. The 50EX Brush Shredder is made to do some serious damage to thick brush and small trees. Forget the crew of chainsaws, check out the BrushHound 50EX. Visit for more details.

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