VIRAL VIDEO: The Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower

VIRAL VIDEO: The Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower

Posted by Tony Michaels on 30th May 2019

True innovation cannot be copied or replicated. True innovation comes from the heart, and from a passion to create something original. This spirit of innovation is what drives us at Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra Attachments, and is embodied in the unique creation of the world’s first Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower. 

Last Friday, we released a Facebook video to celebrate our weekly showcasing of the Flamethrower, and it took off. Within just one week, it has accumulated some impressive numbers on Facebook:

  • Over 2,000,000 people reached
  • Over 280,000 engagements
  • Over 5,000 comments
  • Over 11,000 shares

Since then, we've been planning our next video shoot with the Flamethrower and want your input! What should we burn next? One of our ideas was to buy an old car and torch it out at our testing grounds. 


The Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower underwent the exact same rigorous process that all Eterra Attachments are subjected to. After the initial inspiration, we got to work drawing and designing the attachment, our team of engineers and mechanics then got to work manufacturing and assembling the required components to make this Flamethrower truly perform. From there, the Flamethrower was constantly tested and adjusted to ensure proper operation and guaranteed safety for both the operator as well as any bystanders.

The finished product is a perfect encapsulation of everything Eterra stands for. Superior design and manufacturing, with the attention-to-detail required to produce a skid steer attachment that truly stands apart. From the heavy-duty construction and welding, to the brushed metal finishes and crisp graphics, the Flamethrower is unmistakably an Eterra Attachments creation.

“We had to mechanically develop what size the Flamethrower was going to be, and what we could actually do. I have a really good designer that’s worked with us for a long, long time, and what I did was I took the base mechanical parts that I was going to need, like the internals, and I handed it to him and I said “hey, make an external cannon-looking, projectile, really boss looking item that we can fit all of this in to. And so he took it from there, designed the barrel, it’s all aluminum, polished – I think he did just a beautiful job. He put all that together and then we put all of our internal into that, and it’s all history.”- Rob Leib, President and Owner, Skid Steer Solutions, Inc.

A big part of what makes the Skid Steer Flamethrower possible is technology and collaboration with ThrowFlame Handheld Flamethrowers. Throwflame didn't invent flamethrowers, they just perfected them. And that's the same approach we took to innovating our Skid Steer version. 

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