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Skid Steer Rotating Screening Bucket | KINSHOFER

Skid Steer Rotating Screening Bucket | KINSHOFER

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KINSHOFER Skid Steer Rotating Screening Bucket Attachment (Like-New Condition)

This Skid Steer Rotating Screening Bucket from KINSHOFER removes rocks and debris from soil, sand, and other materials. Simply scoop up the material, spin the drum, and the rocks and debris are separated from the soil/sand. Designed for skid steer loaders of at least 6,600 lbs.

What's the condition?

The condition is like-New. We are calling it Like-New because the product was stored outside for a period of 60 days before it was shipped to us. This means that it was exposed to the elements. Once the screener was received into our facility, it was cleaned and tested, and then stored on pallet racking in a warm warehouse. All components have been checked, tightened and tested. This product is not used, except to test its operating condition while being received so it has been mounted on a machine and that's it. We do not know if manufacturer's distributor used it, but we were told it was not used.

What's included?

The Screening Bucket comes with a universal mounting plate, and a hose kit with hyd. couplers. Please contact us about your electrical when ordering and we can include that in the order. We will ship this once with what you need. If you need something else after the attachment ships, we will need to take care of this in a separate order. Please provide all of the information up front, and we will make sure it arrives ready to operate as soon as it's unloaded off of the truck.

SPECS (Estimated) - Call for More Information

  • Bi-directional Rotating Drum at a speed of 20-30rpm
  • Load Capacity is ~.7 cuyd
  • Empty weight of ~2,000 lbs
  • Operating weight is ~3,333 lbs
  • Working Flow is 20 gallons per minute



Estimated Load Capacity:
.7 cuyd
Estimated Weight:
Estimated Operating Weight:
Estimated Basket Rotations per Minute:
Estimated Working Pressure:
2200 psi
Estimated Working Flow per Minute:
Estimated Basket Diameter:
Estimated Basket Length:
Estimated SSL / CTL Weight:

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