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Skid Steer Nylon Cab Enclosure | Cardinal

Skid Steer Nylon Cab Enclosure | Cardinal

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All Weather Nylon Cab Enclosures 

Our enclosures keep you warm and dry in all kinds of nasty conditions.

Fits Bobcat, Case, New Holland, Gehl & Mustang

Please see the table below for more information on compatibility with your machine!

We promise that with this enclosure on your machine, that you can say good riddance to wet or frozen controls, seat and engine. The Cardinal All-Weather Nylon Enclosure keeps the elements off and keeps the operator dry, warm and comfortable in the foulest of weather. The door has a flap on the bottom for cold weather protection. There is maximum visibility with large windows on the sides and you can trust its durability as it is made of tough 40-mil clear vinyl.

To ensure proper processing, please include your machine's make, model, year and series when checking out.

Features and Benefits

  • Full 360 Degree Visibility
    • Windows on all 4 sides.
  • Top View Window
    • This safety feature enables the operator to see above the loader.
  • Push-Out Rear Window
    • Hook & Loop fasteners on each side allow the window to be pushed open easily for quick access.
  • All Weather Safety Door
    • Door has full size heavy duty vinyl window plus flap at the bottom for cold weather protection. Door is "locked" in place by operator with shock cord and S-hook. The door can be installed and removed in seconds -- 2 steel hinge pins on the door simply drop into hinge brackets (provided) which mount on the loader frame.
  • Quick-On, Quick-Off Design
    • S-hooks and shock cords hold it firmly in place. Door slips on IN SECONDS.
  • Heavy-Duty Materials
    • Tough, flexible, heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon fabric. Windows are tough 40-mil clear vinyl.
  • Extra Strong Stitching
    • Non-raveling lock stitch. Specially treated heavy gauge nylon thread.

Nylon Cab Enclosure Details

The price listed is for a complete Nylon and Vinyl Cab Enclosure which includes the main cover with windows and a front nylon door with hinges.

Some available models differ from the base models. Certain machines require a "Shock Cord Model" or "Hook and Loop Model." Please see list of machines and models below.

Heaters are recommended with this product to keep your breath and perspiration from fogging up the cab - See our Eterra Cab Heater accessory, you won't regret it!

Current Machine Models Available | Cab Model Numbers Listed are for Internal Use


  • Cab Model 10 | M-Series: S630, S650, S750, S770, S850, T630, T650, T750, T770, T870 
  • Cab Model 20 | G Series: 553, 883, S70, S100, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S220, S250, S300, S330, T190, A220, A300, T200
  • Cab Model 20 | G-Series Built 2000 and Later: 751, 753, 763, 773, 863, 873, 963 
  • Cab Model 96 | 963, 953 
  • Cab Model 91 | F Series Built 1991-1999: 553, 751, 753, 763, 773, 863, 873 
  • Cab Model 82 | 440, 450, 453, 463, S70
  • Cab Model 81-A | 540, 640, 642, 740, 742B, 840 - Shock Cord Model of Enclosure 
  • Cab Model 81 | 540, 640, 740, 840 - Hook and Loop Model 
  • Cab Model 81 | All F Series - Hook and Loop Model 
  • Cab Model 61 | 520, 530, 630, 730, 830 
  • Cab Model 41 | 700, 720, 721, 722, 825, 620 
  • Cab Model 31 | 610 


  • Cab Model C100 | 435, 445, 450, 465, 75XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT 
  • Cab Model C100-3 | Series 3 Machines: 435, 445, 450, 465 
  • Cab Model C200 | 1845C 
  • Cab Model C300 | 1835C, 1838, 1840
  • Cab Model C400 | 410, 420, 430, 440, 40XT, 60XT, 70XT 
  • Cab Model C400-3 | Series 3 Machine: 410, 420, 430, 440 
  • Cab Model NH-3 | SR130, SR150, SR175, SR200, SR220, SR250, SV185, SV250, SV300, TR270, TR320, TV380 

New Holland

  • Cab Model NHL | LX565, LX665, LX 865, LX885, LS160, LS170, LS180, LS190, L160, L170, L175, L180, L185, L190 
  • Cab Model NHL 08 | Machines Built 2008 and Later: L160, L170, L175, L180, L185, L190 
  • Cab Model NHS | LX465, LX485, LS140, LS150, L140, L150 
  • Cab Model NH1 | L120, L125 | 
  • Cab Model NH2 | L213, L215, L218, L220, L223, L225, L250 
  • Cab Model NHS 08 | Machines Built 2008 and Later: L140, L150 


  • Cab Model 806893 | 5635, 6635, 4635, 4835
  • Cab Model 804938 | 4525, 4625, 5625 
  • Cab Model G 04 | 2066, 2076, 4640E, 5240E, 5640E, 6640E, 4840, 6630 
  • Cab Model M2 | 3935, 3640E, 4240E 


  • Cab Model M1 | All Machines Built 1986-2000 
  • Cab Model M1 | Machines Built Before 2005: 2054, 2064, 2044 
  • Cab Model M2 | 2022, 2026, 2030, 3635, 3935 
  • Cab Model M3 | Machines Built 2006 and Later: 2054, 2044 

To ensure proper processing, please include your machine's make, model, year and series when checking out.

Nylon and Vinyl

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