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Skid Steer Finish Mower | Skid Steer Basics

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Skid Steer Finish Mower | Skid Steer Basics

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Skid Steer Basics Skid Steer Finished Mower Attachment 

Skid steer 72" finished mower attachment by Skid Steer Basics is ideal for mowing road way ditch right of ways, golf courses, and large acreages fields. This skid steer finished mower attachment is a front mounted allowing operators maximum visibility while working. Overlapping cutting blade design ensures clean and consistent cut. Material that is cut are discharged under the carrier of the attachment and to the rear away from fences, buildings, and trees. The caster wheels can be raised or lowered between 2 and 5.5" cutting height.


  • Caster wheels: combined with the attachment frame, these wheels allow the mower to oscillate independently of the loader, providing a floating deck to better follow on uneven terrain
  • Rear discharge: disperses material under the carrier and away from buildings, trees, and fences 
  • Anti-scalping wheel: protects from damaging the mower blades by being the first point of contact with the ground, resulting in longer blade life and consistent cutting height
  • Cutting Blades: Designed for mowing efficiency, the mower attachment features three overlapping cutting blades that eliminate skips for even cutting action. 
  • Blade Mounting: Dual mounting bolts make blade replacement easy.
  • Belt-Driven: For increased uptime protection, the hydraulic motor powers a single V-belt, eliminating shear pins and related downtime.
  • Safety Shut-Off: Incorporated into the attachment frame. If the mower exceeds 8.5 in. of vertical travel, the safety shut-off turns blade rotation off.


Cut Height:
2" - 5.5"
Drive type:
Belt Driven
Material Discharge:
Rear Discharge

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