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Sidewinder Flail Mower Head | Eterra

Sidewinder Flail Mower Head | Eterra

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392.00 LBS
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Eterra Sidewinder 3 Foot Boom Mounted Flail Mower 

The Eterra Sidewinder 3 Foot Boom Mounted Flail Mower is the first in Eterra's series of useful boom mounted implements.  The open face and deep cutter design of the Eterra flail mower head makes it extremely useful for roadside mowing. Cut the toughest of brush and maintain roadside grass areas with ease. The added reach and durability of this attachment is amazing. The power and speed of cut is outstanding. Cost of ownership is great because the teeth are readily available and inexpensive. Just another awesome brush mower attachment from eTerra. Made in Washington State using US and Italian parts.

Features a 3 x 3" tube mount so you can easily clamp it to the Eterra Raptor boom arm and remove it as needed.
Comes stock with a 16GPM rated motor (smaller or larger motors available upon request), this size allows you to have a couple of gallons to control your boom arm when using a 20 - 21 GPM rated machine.
A boom arm is required to operate this mower.
350 lbs.
Cutter Width:
Cutter Blades:
20 x 1 lb.
Cutter Retention:
3/4" Castle Nut Locked
Self Aligning Spherical
Torque Disk:
Water Jet Cut Rubber
Cutting Capacity:
Up to 4"
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Skid Steer Raptor Boom Arm and Sidewinder Flail Mower RAW | Eterra 00:42
  • Skid Steer Raptor Boom Arm and Sidewinder Flail Mower RAW | Eterra
    You're like us, you want to hear the equipment running, while it's working, and you want that with no distractions, no edits - just plain RAW. We've heard you, so check out the Raptor Boom Arm Mower with the Sidewinder Flail mower making quick work brush and saplings. For more information on the Raptor Boom Mower or any of the various mower heads, visit

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