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Skid Steer Dispensing Bucket | Blue Diamond

Skid Steer Dispensing Bucket | Blue Diamond

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393.00 LBS
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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Dispensing Bucket

The Dispensing Bucket from Blue Diamond is able to dispense material in hard-to-reach areas that larger machines and attachments can't access. Able to work with any flowable material, this bucket is ideal for concrete, feed, or anything else your operating requires. A splash guard around the lip of the bucket protects from spillage while operating on tough or uneven terrain. Heavy duty chute is removable and enclosed on the back to control material flow.

Choose between standard model or model that includes hydraulic door. Hydraulic Door allows for premium material control and dispensing, with open and close functions controlled from the cab by your machine's hydraulics.

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  • Select Dispensing Bucket Model (Standard or with Hydraulic Door)


  • Ideal for dispensing any flowable material
  • Access and dispense in hard to reach places
  • Dispenses concrete, feed, and more
  • 1/2 yard capacity hopper
  • Tapered front
  • Heavy duty chute enclosed at back to control flow
  • Removable chute for easy cleaning and storage
  • Splash guard around top lip protects material even while operating on tough terrain
1/2 Yard
393 pounds
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Weight w/ Hydraulic Door:
403 pounds
Height of Hopper:
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Dispensing Bucket : Blue Diamond Attachments 02:12
  • Dispensing Bucket : Blue Diamond Attachments
    The Blue Diamond dispensing bucket is for any flowable material from feed to concrete. The ½ yard hopper has splash guards around the top to contain material while traveling on rough terrain. The heavy duty chute is enclosed at the back to control the flow and can be removed for transportation or storage.

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