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Razor Boom Mounted Sickle Mower 7 Foot | Eterra

Razor Boom Mounted Sickle Mower 7 Foot | Eterra

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350.00 LBS
Built to Order

Eterra 7 Foot Boom Mounted Sickle Mower

The Eterra 7 Foot Sickle Mower for is ideal for roadside trimming, ditch clearing, and even general brush cutting. This product is not approved for aquatic use as it has a gearbox with a breather so it cannot be run under water. The mount uses a 3" x 3" tube mount found on McConnell, Bomford and Tiger mowers.   

The BMS-70 Sickle mower has been a top Eterra product for many years. Utilize it on skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. These sickles work great at cutting up to 2" material and do not throw anything back at the operator or at bystanders. They are simple to use and very inexpensive to maintain. Cutters cost just over a dollar each. Not many places nowadays where you can buy anything for a dollar. This model has not been approved for aquatic use.  If you need an an aquatic sickle, then check out the 5 Foot Sickle Bar model. 

This listing is for the Mower Head only. Click here to view the full Raptor Boom-Arm and Mower System.


  • The open face cutter design of the Eterra Sickle cutter bar is well adapted to fine brush work
  • Trim Privet hedges with ease. 
  • Amazing added reach and durability
  • Outstanding power and speed of cut
  • Cutters are easy to find and replace

This Sickle Bar Mower has a flow requirement of 15 - 25 GPM and comes stock with a 16 GPM motor. Larger motors are available upon request.

350 lbs.
Cutter Length:
7 Feet
Overall Length:
9 Feet
# of Teeth:
Style of Teeth:
Top Serrated 2" Sickle Segment
Drive System:
Hydraulic Motor
Sickle Drive System:
Pitmanless Gearbox
Cutting Capacity:
Up to 2"
Flow Requirement:
15 - 25 GPM
Pressure Requirement:
2250 PSI - 3600 PSI
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Skid Steer Sickle Bar Mower Demonstration | Eterra 09:39
  • Skid Steer Sickle Bar Mower Demonstration | Eterra and a few partners developed the first Skid Steer Sickle Bar mower and it has been a hit all over the world. Watch as Rob from demonstrates the Eterra Sickle Bar Brush Cutter's efficiency as it removes tree limbs and brush over hanging on the side of a gravel road. Visit or call 866-966-2538 to learn more!
  • Sickle Bar for Skid Steer Loader Assembly Instructions | Eterra Skid Steer Attachment
    Eterra Sickle Bar mower assembly instructions by Skid Steer Solutions. Visit to learn more!
  • Eterra Skid Sickle Attachment for Skid Steer or Bobcat Demo

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