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Excavator Sickle Mower 7 Foot | Eterra

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Excavator Sickle Mower 7 Foot | Eterra

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410.00 LBS

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Eterra 7 Foot Excavator Sickle Mower

The Eterra BMS-70-EX Sickle Mower for excavators is ideal for roadside trimming, ditch clearing, and even general brush cutting. This product is not approved for aquatic use as it has a gearbox with a breather so it cannot be run under water.

The BMS-70-EX Sickle mower has been a top Eterra product for many years. Operators have been using it on Eterra boom mower arms and as a stand alone excavator or backhoe mounted mower. These sickles work great at cutting up to 2" material and do not throw anything back at the operator or at bystanders. They are simple to use and very inexpensive to maintain. Cutters cost just over a dollar each. Not many places nowadays where you can buy anything for a dollar. This model has not been approved for aquatic use. If you need an an aquatic sickle, then check out the 5-Foot Sickle (BMS-50).   

The mount uses a 3" x 3" tube mount found on McConnell, Bomford and Tiger mowers. Never has a mower been designed that can be so useful on so many machines.

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  • Eterra SMB-1000 Blank Mounting Adapter Included
  • Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers Included

The open face cutter design of the Eterra Sickle cutter bar is well adapted to fine brush work. Trim Privet hedges with ease. The added reach and durability of this attachment is amazing. The power and speed of cut is outstanding. Cost of ownership is great because the cutters are so inexpensive, easy to find and replace. Just another awesome attachment from Eterra. Made in Nebraska using US and German parts.

The BMS-70 comes stock with a 16 GPM rated motor, please call to request a larger or smaller motor.

Eterra SMB-1000 Blank Mounting Adapter

This adapter provides Eterra Mowers with seamless mounting to your Excavator's coupler. The SMB-1000 is included with purchase.

Note:  Every excavator is different.  Many machines (Especially older models) use only two pumps.  One to control your stick and rotation.  One for track drive and auxilliary flow (your mower).  For machines that have this type of pump arrangement, it is not possible to drive the machine forward and cut at the same time.  You will need to drive forward, stop and then sweep back and forth for cutting.  For operators with newer machines like Kubota and any Yanmar, you have three pumps so you can drive and cut at the same time.

375 lbs.
Cutter Length:
7 Ft.
Max Flow Rate:
20 GPM
28 Replaceable
Cutting Capacity:
Up to 2"

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EX-Sickle Excavator Sickle Bar
  • EX-Sickle Excavator Sickle Bar

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