VTN Rotating Screening Bucket Spotlight

VTN Rotating Screening Bucket Spotlight

Posted by Jimmy Vue on 23rd Aug 2023

When you’ve got a tight schedule for a big project, having a solid plan and utilizing time efficiently are major components in getting the job done right. Whether you’re conducting a site cleanup, sorting/processing materials, or composting, utilizing a screener with your skid steer expedites this process. With the VTN Skid Steer Rotating Screening bucket, you can make sure all your projects are done in a timely manner without a loss of precision. In this blog, we’ll dive into some of the best uses for the VTN Skid Steer Rotary Screener and explore how it can revolutionize your projects.

right side view of the VTN skid steer screening bucket attachment on the end of a boom screening dirt

Creating The Perfect Foundation and Applying The Finishing Touches

In the world of landscaping, one of the most important factors is the foundation of which your project will reside. With the ability to sift through aggregates and soils with precision, The VTN Skid Steer Rotating Screening bucket efficiently separates material according to size. It helps in removing debris, rocks, and unwanted vegetation to create a uniformly smooth and even surface for any construction and landscaping endeavor.

The VTN Skid Steer Rotating Screening Bucket not only offers the ability to create the right foundation for a project, but has the versatility to end the project as well. In the cleanup process from a job, this screener enables quick and easy sorting and disposal of various materials and contributes to waste management, and recycling optimization. For example, metals, plastics, and glass can be recycled and turned into new products. The rotary screener helps in identifying and separating these valuable materials from the rest of the waste stream, enabling resource recovery and reducing the demand for virgin materials.

left side angled view of an excavator with a VTN screening bucket attachment on the end of the boom

Agriculture, Maintenance, and More

For the purpose of preventing natural processes of wear and erosion over time, the VTN Rotary Screener can be used as a mediator to help slow down or prevent these occurrences. One could utilize the screener’s distribution ability to move rocks and gravel to help stabilize slopes, and protect landscapes or agricultural areas. Additionally, the screener can be used to prepare soil for planting, and to help create the right seed bed for different conditions. By utilizing the feature of sifting, the mixing of soil amendments such as fertilizer is quick and easy as well. Once the crops are ready for harvest, the screener can remove soil, dirt, and other unwanted debris to expedite the cleaning and rinsing process.

In essence, the VTN Skid Steer Rotary Screener is a catalyst for efficiency, precision, and environmental responsibility. As you consider the vast range of applications this attachment offers, you'll find that it has the potential to redefine how projects are approached, executed, and completed.

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