The In's and Outs of Grapple Attachments

Posted by Jayson Ramos on 20th Jul 2023

alt= "right angled view of a skid steer parked on grass with a CID Skid Steer Log Grapple attachment on the front"

CID Skid Steer Pallet Fork in Action

Grapple attachments have been a revolutionizing addition to worksites and operations of all kinds thanks to their material handling capabilities. From construction sites to landscaping projects, these versatile attachments are designed to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease. Whether it's rocks, debris, logs, or even roots, grapple attachments provide the strength and dexterity needed to securely grab, lift, and transport materials. If you've ever wondered about the basics of grapple attachments and why they are crucial in many applications, this blog post will serve as your comprehensive guide, exploring the functionality, types, and common uses of grapple attachments.

Brush and Root Grapples

Brush and Root Grapples are specialized grapples which are designed to handle the removal and transportation of heavy roots, stumps, and similar materials. These materials often come in unique and hard to handle shapes and sizes; With these specifically designed grapples, such as the CID Skid Steer Root Grapple , the grappling mechanism is considerably more structured and stronger than other grapple types due to the reliance of the grip strength needed to handle these oddly shaped materials. The Strong tines and claws are strategically positioned to provide an efficient gripping force to hold the unique shape of the root or stump to be handled firmly, regardless of its shape or build.

alt= "white background product photo of a CID Skid Steer Root Grapple Attachment"

CID Skid Steer Root Grapple; Strategic tine placement for maximized root grip.

Grapple Rakes

Grapple Rakes are a much more versatile option when choosing loader grapples. Although it lacks the grip strength that Root Grapples hold, it makes up for it in operation versatility and cleaning purposes. Able to rake and gather smaller, spread-out materials, grapple rakes are great for debris clearing as opposed to heavy material handling. Grapple rakes are the ideal tool for landscaping, forestry, and construction applications thanks to its debris management capabilities. We recommend the CID Grapple Rake the most, thanks to its heavy duty build and superior grip strength amongst its competitors.

alt= "white background shot a CID Skid Steer Heavy Duty Grapple Rake Attachment"

CID Skid Steer Root Grapple; Less grip Strength, but greater tine coverage for maximized debris grasp.

Rock Grapples

If you have construction or agriculture related projects, often you run into material handling issues due to the constant usage and transportation of heavy materials like boulders and heavy rocks. Rock Grapples are the perfect tool for these types of issues. Rock Grapples are built to handle the heaviest of materials. Sporting heavy duty designs made from bulkier and thicker steel, these grapples are perfect for the transportation of heavy-duty materials. Rock Grapples typically come in Heavy duty or extreme duty variations, so be sure to look at just how much power you need to transport heavy duty rocks, boulders, and other heavy materials.

alt= "right angled view of a skid steer parked in a field with a CID Skid Steer Heavy Duty Rock Grapple Attachment on the front lifted and open"

The CID Heavy Duty Rock Grapple attached and lifted on a skid steer.

Grapples are great additions to your operations and worksites thanks to their versatility and sturdiness. Whether you’re looking for something to handle specific material like rocks or stumps, to more general uses such as debris and shrubbery management, grapples are a great tool to add to your arsenal of equipment to ensure you get the job done with quality and efficiency. 

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