Multi-Purpose Skid Steer Grading

Multi-Purpose Skid Steer Grading

Posted by Kyle Davis on 24th Jul 2018

Skeer Pro Plus: Versatile Skid Steer Grader Attachment

Once we got our hands on the Skeer Pro Plus, we just couldn't help ourselves. Seeing the versatility and performance offered by this grading attachment, we had to test it out on as many applications as we could thing of. The result is a full suite of videos, highlighting a wide range of jobs and materials, all handled with strength and precision by the Skeer Pro Plus Grading Attachment. Check out the list of videos below, and watch for yourself to see  this attachment in action. The adjustability of this tool, coupled with a capable machine and operator, can offer almost limitless grading and finishing opportunities. Yet another amazing innovation available at Skid Steer Solutions.


Skid Steer Grading with the Skeer System

Skid Steer Gravel Driveway Grading

Probably the toughest application we put the Pro Plus through, the Skeer Attachment System delivers when it comes to traditional gravel grading and material pushing. When the time comes to push and doze large volumes of material, such as gravel, simply close the wings of the Skeer Pro Plus Grader, and you'll be left with a rugged pushing bar with plenty of steel and power behind it to move material fast. The adjustability of the Pro Plus means you can dig deep into ruts and pot-holes, and then smoothly adjust your angle to finish grade and smooth out the final product. Talk about an all-in-one attachment, the best kind!


Skid Steer Horse Arena Finish Grading

This application requires a lighter touch, and thankfully, the Skeer is able to provide precision and a smooth finish grade as well. It's hard to believe the same tool that can push and grade heavy gravel can also adjust to finish grade light dirt and sand in a horse arena, but the results speak for themselves. This is truly an impressive addition to our Skid Steer Grading Attachment catalog. The owner of this horse arena was blown away by the smooth finish the Skeer attachment left behind, giving the owners and the animals alike an ideal riding surface.


Skid Steer Motocross and Dirt Bike Track Grading

We've been known to get into the motocross arena around here, and so it fit naturally to put the Skeer to the test on our nearby Motorcross and Dirt Bike track. This track had been left alone over the winter, with plenty of grass and brush overgrowing the dirt track. We dug into the dirt and mud with the Pro Plus, and the final result was a clean, smooth and completely ridable dirt bike track. Good as new. From berms to jumps, whoops and turns, the Skeer was able to adjust, dig, and smooth out the full track, quickly and effectievely.


Skeer Pro Plus Grading Attachment Demo and Overview

If you can't get enough, here's a refresher of our original and official demonstration and overview video of the Pro Plus. Here, you'll get an up-close-and-personal look at the attachment, with a full wearhouse overview from Rob. Check out the key features and benefits, and see footage from all our projects, and in one place.


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