Cleaning Up the Beach with the Eterra

Cleaning Up the Beach with the Eterra

Posted by Kyle Davis on 24th Aug 2017

When it comes to cleaning up the beach, there are no easy options, both nature and human guests tend to leave a lot of debris, trash and other unwanted material behind. If you have a private beach, or are tasked with cleaning up public land to keep the area clean and safe, you want to utilize tools that will do an excellent job while also working efficiently and reducing back-breaking labor.

A Skid Steer Loader or Compact Track Loader is a great option when it comes time to clean up beach property. One major advantage of a Skid Steer is its ability to handle multiple attachments that can be easily changed out in minutes. With this versatility, you don't need to invest in multiple cumbersome pieces of heavy machinery to get your jobs done. You can simply load up on a collection of useful attachments and mix and match as needed.

If you're going to tackle a beach cleanup project, there are two essential Skid Steer Attachments you'll want to have on hand. One is a Heavy Duty Bush Grapple, and the second is a Beach Cleaning Attachment, such as the Beach Master from Eterra. You'll want to hook up the Brush Grapple first, so we'll start there.

With your Brush Grapple, you'll want to angle it so that the bottom tines can dig a few inches below the sandy surface and start to pull up any excess and unwanted material. As you move forward in your Skid Steer, a heavy duty grapple will be able to handle all the large logs, branches and other bulky debris that has built up on the beach. By keeping your bottom tines below the surface, that digging power will unearth any other unseen junk and it will all seamlessly pile up against your machine as you move forward. 

Since you're using a grapple attachment, once you have a large collection of debris, it is simple to close and clamp down and then lift and offload everything into a pile, trailer, or dump truck to be hauled away. Width between the tines of your grapple will allow sand to shake out of the pile and be left behind on the beach where it's needed. Make a few passes this way, and then start to introduce a little more finesse into your operation. You can now angle the tines of the grapple perpendicular to the beach and drive backwards, creating a massive, extremely strong and powerful rake that will smooth out the surface and leave a nice finish behind. Your brush grapple will also come in handy if there are any massive logs lying around that you'd like to place or re-organize on the beach.

For many beach cleaning professionals, a job well done with a brush grapple will be satisfactory, but for a next level cleaning job, one that is sure to remove all unwanted plastic, bottle caps, small debris and garbage, even cigarette buts, the Beach Master from Eterra is an incredibly precise Beach Cleaning Attachment that can take your beach to the next level.

The Beach Master is the first North-American Skid Steer Attachment of its kind. Unlike similar implements for tractors and other machinery, this attachment is designed to run on the front of your Skid Steer or CTL. This offers two advantages. One, it allows you to actually see where you're going. No more looking over your shoulder all the time to watch where your screener is being dragged. You can enjoy full control of the Beach Cleaner attachment and steer it exactly where you need it to go, or avoid large stumps and logs that may be in the way. Secondly, since it is front-mounted, this attachment has to be extremely durable and tough, and it has been built to be exactly that. Other drag-behind screeners can get away with weaker steel or less rigid construction, because if it bends or gets knocked off course, there's no major consequence other than an annoyed operator. With the Beach Master leading the cleaning charge, it's been built rugged to ensure that it can tackle large debris head-on and make sure you're never knocked of course or exposed to any costly damage. 

With all that toughness, the Beach Master still manages to be extremely precise and exacting. The hopper digs into the surface and gets below the sand, moving it up onto to moving screen. Debris is then moved around and sifted through, with the fine sand falling back onto the beach and all other larger, unwanted debris staying secure in the attachment. You can then take the full hopper away from your clean beach and dump it to be hauled away. As stated before, the Beach Master can sift out items as small as a cigarette butt, ensuring an extremely smooth finish to your beach and maximum cleanliness for you and your guests.

This same set-up is also excellent for cleaning up playgrounds, cleaning up baseball and sport fields, and is also a great application towards sprucing up race tracks and horse stables.

The Beach Master comes with two different types of screens, all hoses and electrical controls, as well as a Drag Bar Finisher that will smooth out the beach behind your Skid Steer as you work and collect debris. 

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