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Extreme Duty Stump Grinder Attachment | Blue Diamond

Extreme Duty Stump Grinder Attachment | Blue Diamond

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635.00 LBS
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Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Stump Grinder Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders

When Blue Diamond Attachments coined this Stump Grinder model Extreme Duty, they were not fooling. An extremely powerful tool for your Skid Steer Loader, this Stump Grinder features the highest torque in its class, a compact and efficient size, and the ability to cut in both forward and reverse. Put this attachment to the test in even the most extreme applications, such as large stumps or hard wood. Eliminate stumps and even grind down 12" below ground level, allowing for simple backfilling and covering where the stump used to reside. 

Available in both low and high flow models, all units come standard with a durable, high torque radial piston motor as well as rugged, high-performance Greenteeth grinding teeth. This makes for an unbeatable stump grinding package that also offers excellent visibility and fully optimized power output. 

All units require Case Drain

  • Case drain line coupler varies by manufacturer and is not included with purchase. All Blue Diamond Stump Grinders require case drain. Please give us a call to inquire and ensure proper fit with your machine.

High Flow Couplers not included

  • If you are purchasing a High Flow Stump Grinder model, please note that high flow couplers are not included with purchase. If you would like to purchase high flow couplers, or have questions about these models, please give us a call to inquire and to ensure proper fit with your machine.

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  • Select Stump Grinder Model
  • Low Flow and High Flow Models available


  • Grind stumps down below ground level with ease
  • High torque radial piston motor for maximum efficiency
  • Models available for both low flow and high flow machines
  • No electrical harnesses needed
  • Cuts and grinds in both forward and reverse
  • Cuts 12" below ground level (plus more in larger holes)
  • Excellent operational visibility
  • Compact size
  • Case drain required
Low Flow GPM Range:
16-29 GPM
Low Flow PSI Range:
3,000-4061 PSI
Low Flow Wheel Size:
Low Flow Weight:
635 pounds
High Flow GPM Range:
29-45 GPM
High Flow PSI Range:
3,000-4061 PSI
High Flow Wheel Size:
High Flow Weight:
680 pounds
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Skid Steer Stump Grinder : Blue Diamond Attachments 02:50
  • Skid Steer Stump Grinder : Blue Diamond Attachments
    This tough package has it all, highest torque in its class, compact, cuts in forward or reverse and has great visibility!! Using an extremely durable piston motor and greenteeth® set up, the Blue Diamond Stump grinder will push through the most demanding applications. Learn more at:
  • Stump Removal Case Study : Blue Diamond Attachments
    Ross Reynolds of Athens, Tennessee wanted to extend his pasture ground and reclaim some of his farm that was wooded. After clearing all the smaller trees he was left with many 12” to 40” stumps still needing removed. See how our stump grinder solved his problem. Read the full case study at
  • Stump Grinder Dealer Demo, Asheville NC : Blue Diamond Attachments
    Dealer Demo of our Extreme Duty Stump Grinder near Asheville, NC. Learn more about this grinder at

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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