Elephants and Skid Steers - Why did we partner up?

Rob met with Lek and her Canadian husband, Derek, at their foundation where the elephants are well cared for. The intent of the foundation is saving an elephant from a life of torture, safe from being tormented. Lek is becoming a staple in the community where her foundation is what first comes to mind when animals (not just elephants) are in need. Our company founder, Rob (seen in this video) was requested to visit the sanctuary by Derek while Rob was already in Thailand.

The timing was too perfect, so Rob and his wife made sure to visit before the trip's end. Having always avoided zoos and other wildlife capture locations, Rob knew this was a legitimate and helpful foundation. He sent over a Typhoon mower and donations to allow the land to continue to prosper for the animals.

What is the Save Elephant Foundation?

Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population. This is accomplished using a multifaceted approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational ecotourism operations. Our goal at Skid Steer Solutions is to create awareness of this sanctuary's goals, and to promote eco-tourism in a goal to better the environment. We hope the results will bring more attention to the foundation, to show our love of their message, and to show you how you can help, from travel to a monetary donation.

Their mission

Building trust with elephants can be a long difficult process, especially when they have spent their lives being controlled by humans. With continuous love and care, we hope to show our elephants that they are now safe and no longer need to fear pain or punishment. At Care for Elephants the elephants can roam through the jungle receiving plenty of fruit treats and lots of affection. As time goes by, the elephants will become more confident and learn that they are now safe and free to act naturally. With their devoted new mahouts by their side, these elephants receive love and affection everyday.

Who is Save Elephant Foundation?

Lek started the foundation to help save Asian Elephants from beatings, torture, and captivity in a small environment. To learn more click on "Support the Cause" and fill in the sheet. Or you can check out their site, linked below!

Our support

Skid Steer Solutions proudly supports the Save the Elephants foundation! In 2020, we donated $5,400 to the cause. Our plan for 2021 is to make monthly donations to help keep their program running. In the past we donated a Typhoon to help clear their land of growth.

Once Covid is under control we hope to send out some employees to help with labor and volunteer work needed at the sanctuary. Unfortunately the pandemic has created a hardship, which is why it is so important to donate. For further information please contact them:

Support the cause

Fill in this form to find out more information on how you can support the cause and the goals of Save Elephant Foundation