Where does it come from?

Posted by Robert Leib - Founder Skid Steer Solutions, Eterra & Skid Steer Genius on 16th Jan 2015

Since our inception in 1994 selling our chain tracks in the West Coast Trader Magazines, we have watched competitors come and go.  They all had the same strategy.  Sell pure crap as cheap as you can.  If the customers have issues, just change your phone number and start over again with a new name.  

When we went online on Ebay and with our own web site in 1998 we found more and more people thinking they could do what we do but they still had the same strategy in mind and now they felt that they could hide behind the web and no one would find out.  A lot of these people just resold the same tired old attachments from really low end manufacturers so that they could buy them cheaper than we could make them, undercut our sales efforts and maximize their profits.  In the end, the customer always got short changed by this strategy because they get a light duty attachment labelled EXTREME when in actuality the item is just a farm implement with a skid steer mount welded to it.  That makes us really sad to see.  Because these items are sold on the net, you do not have a good opportunity to inspect the item before it ships to inspect the quality.  

Our goal has always been to design and manufacture our own attachments.  For a few years, we have sold others in an attempt to fill in for areas that we had voids in our product lines.  Our goal was to always supply the best, bring it in house, and inspect it before it leaves to be sure everything is how it should be.  Sometimes we even add things that we think should be included just because it is the right thing to do and we know it will make the attachment more useful.  The attachments we design, we have built by contractors that are specialists in their fields.  We do this so that we can order an A++ built attachment.  If it is not perfect, we refuse it and the sub-contractor is stuck with it.  This is a really good incentive to produce the best.  

Today we are faced with a lot of companies that pretend to be manufacturers. They take stock photos from the manufacturer and relabel them by adding their logos and calling the item EXTREME.  If you shop around, you will see the same old images re-cast on site after site after site.  When you buy the item, it will arrive as a drop ship from the real manufacturer.  When you see where it came from you will feel like you have been deceived.  That is never a feeling we want you to feel when you shop with us.  We are honest, trustworthy, do our best to provide you with the best.  Best of all, we do not call our products Extreme simply because that words has been desecrated to the point that it no longer means anything.  The modern meaning of EXTREME is "A light duty farm implement that charades as a heavy duty skid steer attachment".  We won't do it, never have and never will.  Check out our future blogs where we start showing you where these so called Extreme attachments are really made.  You will be amazed and our Internet Drop Shippers will be fuming when they are finally called out for their dishonesty.   

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