Internet Sales Dedication Means No Local Signage

Internet Sales Dedication Means No Local Signage

Posted by Jorden on 15th Jul 2015

Hi Guys!

The title to this post might be a little confusing but don't worry, the meaning really only applies to our company and in any form it's worth a laugh.

Short Story Time: We have been in business for almost 20 years, and we can't even describe how excited we are to reach that milestone next year. It's worth reiterating that we started this business for the small guys - the guys who didn't want to pay for the brand name products from the expensive dealerships or for the over the top solutions from the machine manufacturers. To put it briefly, it all began with a set of those handy over the tire tracks in the early 90's and moved forward to the backhoes and beyond. 

With that being said, it's probably also worth reminding everyone that we started this business on the Internet in the mid-90's when it wasn't so clear what the Internet would become, however our owner had different ideas about it and was dead set on finding out. We've been in business for a longtime now and the Internet is our home, we strive to provide Internet buyers with affordable high quality Skid Steer Attachments (i.e Brush Mowers, Mini Backhoes, Post Hole Diggers, Graders and more) and the best after sale service found anywhere. We have filled our warehouse with the Skid Steer, Excavator and Mini Skid Steer Attachments that you need, just for the online marketplace and the odd few who pickup. Today was a bit different though... Today we did the unthinkable. Today we betrayed the Internet (maybe just a little dramatic) and we put up the very first... building sign! We have been at our current location for over 6 years, and true to our colors we kept our focus on the Internet and our resources fast at work to delivering extraordinary experiences. That is why, putting up this sign is such a big deal. We have had our showroom project slowly moving over the last months, getting ready for the enthusiastic foot traffic but it still far from completed. This sign is in itself, a sign of great things to come.

So if you read this, send us a message through live chat and let us know what you think!

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